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Maple Grove Police Incident Report

Sep 27, 2015 07:31PM ● By Wendy Erlien

The following are a few of the incidents occurring in Maple Grove from Sept. 4-17, as provided by the Maple Grove Police Department. Additional details for burglaries, robbery, arson, and theft can be found on the city website crime mapping section.


Sept. 4 - 7300 block of Kirkwood Court. Report of theft of wallet from purse inside an office at business; officers viewed video and got picture of suspect. Case under investigation.

Sept. 11 - 10600 block of Brockton Lane. Report of a motorcycle stolen from yard; officers later learned motorcycle was located in Independence in the weeds. No suspects.

Sept. 14 - 15000 block of 95th Avenue. Report of person stealing items from business without paying; on arrival officers recovered stolen property and arrested party for theft.

Sept. 15 - 11000 block of Fountains Drive. Report of money stolen from purse in employee locker room; no evidence or suspects at this time.

Unwanted Person

Sept. 11 - 12000 block of 69th Avenue. Report of person in residence who had an order for protection against them by homeowners; officers arrived just as person was leaving residence and was arrested.


Sept. 4 - 8200 block of Yellowstone Lane. Report of sliding glass door smashed out with a rock and house ransacked and items stolen; officers cleared house and had crime lab process scene.

Suspicious Activity

Sept. 4 - 6400 block of Deerwood Lane.  Report of unknown vehicle in elderly neighbor’s driveway with door open and no one around; officers learned visiting son forgot to shut door.

Sept. 8 - 9500 block of Blackoaks Lane. Report of person being followed home and now person by edge of driveway; officers located individual who had wrong address to drop off item to friend.

Sept. 10 - 11000 block of Fountains Drive. Report of person being followed into several stores in area and being stared at; on arrival officers could not located person.

Sept. 14 - 9500 block of Orleans Lane. Report of solicitor asking to use restroom at residence. Homeowner later found missing medication from bathroom; officers located two suspects who were later arrested for the theft and a warrant.

Damage to Property

Sept. 12 - 7300 block of Inland Lane. Report of mailbox blown up by fireworks; on arrival officers found the door and back side of box blown out. Video obtained by reporting party for suspect information.


Sept. 5 - 12000 block of 90th Place. Report of several people fighting at residence; on arrival one person had bruising and swelling but refused medical treatment. No arrests were made and parties separated.

Noise Ordinance

Sept. 5 - 6400 block of Zinnia Lane. Report of loud music in area; on arrival music violating city ordinance. Officers were called back later and person advised of ordinance violation that could result in citation if called again.

Sept. 132 - 18000 block of 95th Avenue. Several reports of a loud party at residence in area; officers had been to address earlier in the evening and the second contact resulted in a citation to resident.


Sept. 5 - 11000 block of Main Street. Report of business filling up smoke coming from ceiling; part of business evacuated and fire department said it was electrical issues in the ceiling.


Sept. 5 - 12000 block of 63rd Avenue. Report of person pounding on doors in hotel and causing a disturbance; on arrival officers were told to trespass person by management. Person did not cooperate and was arrested for trespassing.

Theft from Auto

Sept. 6 - 8500 block of Jonquil Lane. Report of items stolen from inside unlocked vehicle in driveway overnight; no damage to vehicle and suspects at this time.


Sept. 6 - 9300 block of Upland Lane North. Report of business being robbed by lone suspect who fled the scene with currency; on arrival perimeter set up, but suspect not located. Under investigation.

Unwanted Person

Sept. 6 - 93rd and Dunkirk Lane. Report of person in median of roadway soliciting traffic for money; officers located person and advised to leave the area as it was unsafe.

Traffic Complaint

Sept. 6 - I-94 and Maple Grove Parkway. Report of person driving all over the roadway; officer’s located vehicle and arrested person for DWI.

Damage to Property

Sept. 9 - 8800 block of County Road 101. Report of juveniles jumping on top of a portable restroom and causing damage; on arrival officers noted only depressed plastic roof that needed to be pushed back. No juveniles located.


Sept. 10 - 400 block of Vinewood Lane. Report of several juveniles fighting in area; on arrival both sides said they were the victim. No serious injuries, all were separated and all parents notified of incident.


Sept. 14 - 13000 block of 93rd Place. Report of residence being egged twice in the last few weeks; no damage notice to residence and no suspects at this time.

Weapons Complaint

Sept. 17 - 8500 block of Shadow Creek Drive. Report of person shooting squirrels in area; on arrival spoke with party who was shooting a BB gun at infestation of squirrels in area. Warned about weapons ordinance. No charges.

Animal Complaint

Sept. 15 - 10000 89th Avenue North. Report of a raccoon inside a building; on arrival raccoon was trapped inside a cabinet. Officers used a catch pole and brought raccoon to nearby park and released it.


Sept. 16 - 9000 block of Zanzibar Lane. Report of grass/brush fire behind building; officers redirected to another call but fire captain stated possible arson after fire put out. Suspect and witness information obtained for charging.


Sept. 5 - 200 block of West Eagle Lake Drive. Report of person unconscious at area pool; on arrival person was sitting in chair with shallow breathing and would not wake up. Oxygen place on person who was transported to hospital by ambulance.

Sept. 7 - 10000 block of Valley Forge Lane. Report of person falling down flight of stairs and unconscious; on arrival person was conscious and complained of ankle pain and had egg-sized bump on left cheek. Transported to hospital by ambulance.

Sept. 8 - 17000 block of 73rd Place North. Report of person crushed by falling equipment; on arrival person was out from underneath but had a possible broken leg and other injuries.

Sept. 9 - 8100 block of Main Street. Report of person having chest pains; on arrival officers administered oxygen until transport to hospital by paramedics.

Sept. 9 - 18000 block of 96th Avenue. Report of person falling and hitting head; upon arrival bleeding was controlled. Paramedics bandaged injury and person did not wish to be transported.

Sept. 10 - Annapolis Lane and Timber Crest. Report of person falling off bike in area; on arrival an obvious head injury was seen to right side of head. Person transported to hospital by ambulance and bike brought home by Community Service Officer.

Sept. 12 - 75th Avenue and Lawndale Lane. Report of person having a possible heart attack in a vehicle; on arrival it appeared person had a stroke. Patient immediately transported to hospital by ambulance.

Sept. 14 - 17000 block of 73rd Avenue. Report of person being stung by bees and having an allergic reaction; on arrival person was conscious but having trouble breathing so oxygen applied, and later transported to hospital by ambulance.

Sept. 16 - 7800 block of Vinewood Lane. Report of person that had tripped and fell to the ground; on arrival officers noticed abrasions on face and knees. Paramedics arrived and cleared officers.

Sept. 17 - 9100 block of Comstock Lane. Report of person falling and hitting head going unconscious; on arrival person was conscious but bleeding heavily from cut on foot. Transported to hospital by ambulance.

During this time period there were 35 property damage traffic accidents and eight property damage injury traffic accidents.

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