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Birth of Baby, Burglary, Suspicious Activity: Maple Grove Police Report

Jan 17, 2016 08:08PM ● By Wendy Erlien

A synopsis of some incidents responded to by the Maple Grove Police Department for the week of Dec. 18-24, 2015.

Additional details for burglaries, robbery, arson, and theft can be found on the city website crime mapping section.

Information provided by Maple Grove Police Department.

Dec. 18

Medical - 63rd Avenue and Bass Lake Road. Report of rear-ending vehicle at intersection. One driver in “full arrest” on arrival of officers, CPR started, pulse returned, and individual brought to hospital.

Dec. 19

Welfare Check - 12000 block of Elm Creek Boulevard. Officer on routine patrol notice male walking with cane at midnight with temperature at nine degrees. Man was not able to respond to questions. Officer located where man lived and brought him home.

Suspicious Activity - 7400 block of Queensland Lane. While finishing a call in the area, officer noticed car parked with parking lights on at 3 a.m., person was cited for possession of marijuana.

Damage to Property - 16000 block of Lake Ridge Drive. Report of vehicle damaged overnight that was parked in driveway. No suspects at this time. 

Dec. 20

Medical - 16300 block of 96th Avenue. Report of person having difficulty breathing. Oxygen was provided, person transported by ambulance to hospital.

Suspicious Activity - 6900 block of Kimberly Court. Report of person returning home to find van in driveway occupied by two men. When confronted, they said they were looking for an address that did not exist; officers could not locate vehicle in area.

Damage to Property - 6800 block of Garland Lane. Report of several houses receiving property damage. No suspects at this time.

Dec. 21

Burglary - 9200 block of Archer Lane. Report of snow blower stolen from open garage overnight. No suspects at this time.

Suspected DWI - 12100 block of Main Street. Report of person staggering as leaving business.   That person left area in a vehicle; officers located vehicle and arrested person for DWI.

Theft - 7300 block of Everest Lane. Report of three packages stolen from steps; officers learned that several thefts in area. No suspects at this time. 

Dec. 22

Suspicious Activity - 9700 block of 94th Avenue. Report of shoe prints in fresh snow going up to patio and shed door in yard; officers had another report of same thing in neighborhood but could not locate the person as prints stopped on dry surface.  No reports of thefts in area.

Damage to Property - 13000 block of Grove Drive. Report of vehicle damage in business parking lot.  Damage included possible BB gun rounds. No suspects at this time.

Medical - 8200 block of Yellowstone Lane. Report of female falling from kitchen stool, losing consciousness and stopped breathing. On arrival of officers, person breathing and was immediately transported to hospital.

Dec. 23

Birth of Baby - 6700 block of Fountain Lane. Report of individual giving birth to baby. On arrival, officers located female in bathroom, assisted with the birth of infant when medics arrived. Mother and baby transported to hospital and were fine.

Dec. 24 

Suspicious Activity - 6200 block of Nathan Lane. Report of two individuals going inside vehicles and putting items into backpacks. On arrival officer’s located suspects who were then arrested for theft and possession of drugs.

Theft from Auto 

  • 9700 block of 67th Avenue. Report of items stolen from unlocked vehicle. No suspects at this time and no evidence to process.
  • 6500 block of Eagle Lake Drive. Report of items stolen from unlocked vehicle. Suspects were arrested, items recovered from this theft.

Medical - 15000 block of Tarleton Crest. Report of person falling on icy driveway and received large bump and cut above eye. Individual transported to hospital by ambulance.

During this time period there were 66 property damage traffic accidents and three property damage injury traffic accidents.

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