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The Impact of Plasma Donation (Sponsored)

Mar 18, 2016 12:02PM ● By BioLife Plasma Services
The following recipient testimonial was provided and sponsored by BioLife Plasma Services - Maple Grove. 

BioLife Plasma Services operates numerous plasma collection centers throughout the United States. The plasma collected at BioLife Plasma Service is processed into a wide variety of life-saving therapeutics that benefit thousands of people everyday - including  Mitchel, recipient of recipient of a plasma-based therapeutic.

 “As a baby I would develop large bruises on my body just from being picked up out of my crib or my dad playing with me. My parents suspected something was wrong since this hadn’t happened to my older brother or sister when they were babies.

After several visits to the doctor, at the age of six months I was diagnosed with having Hemophilia - a genetic bleeding disorder that prevents my blood from clotting. Any little trauma to my body would cause me to bleed internally. Although I loved playing sports with my friends, I was limited to only doing things with my family as other kids could get too physical.

Upon being diagnosed with Hemophilia A, I began receiving Factor VIII replacement therapy. My mom would take me to the doctor anytime she saw a large bruise on me or suspected I was bleeding. Around age 2, I began receiving infusions regularly. Now I give myself infusions three times a week.

Thanks to Factor VIII replacement treatment, my life is basically like any other 18 year-old. I run track and high jump, play basketball with my friends and rough-house with my older brother.

I have this great life and can enjoy normal activities because of people who generously donate plasma each week and who work at BioLife Plasma Services. Thank you for giving me a normal life!”  

Learn more about how the donation process works in the video below. 

BioLife Plasma Services -- Donation Process

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