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Paying It Forward: Minnesota Kindness Project Spreads to Maple Grove

Mar 20, 2016 08:05PM ● By Doug Erlien

Megan Reed was tired of turning on the television and seeing violence and negative stories. So much so, the Coon Rapids resident started the Minnesota Kindness Project.

“People are less connected than ever,” Reed said. “It makes me so incredibly sad and I wanted to change the conversation to something positive. Can you imagine if today we all took the time to do one random act of kindness? The world would be in such a better place and it is so simple. Kindness doesn’t need to be huge and extravagant, even the smallest gesture can make a huge impact.”

How does the Minnesota Kindness Project work? Reed shares these simple steps on her website:

The idea began about a year ago, according to Reed, but the kindness began this past August. The response has been felt all across the metro, including here in Maple Grove. 

“It has restored my faith in humanity,” she said. “I’ve seen a ton of great response from community Facebook pages. People want to help make the world a better place.”

As of March 20, 11,210 kindness cards have been requested throughout the Twin Cities. Reed says her favorite kindness stories are those that you can tell the person really needed it.

“There was one story that really sticks out to me,” she said. “A mom wrote in saying she was just having a rough morning and while walking into Target had a diaper emergency without any supplies. When she went into the bathroom she found a package of wipes on the changing table with a post it note that said "Keep up the GREAT work, mom! You rock! #mnkind" and the kindness card taped to it. Like how perfect is that?”

Here in Maple Grove, a Kindness Card was left on a toothbrush along with two coupons at Target. The recipient shared, “…what a nice surprise!”  Suburban Imaging is also getting into the wave of kindness, sharing photos on their Facebook page in February “We are starting a kindness wave at Suburban Imaging with help from The Minnesota Kindness Project! We hope our random acts of kindness can brighten someone’s day!”

The random acts may be small, but the message is anything but. 

“Making the world a better place is a team effort,” Reed said. “We are all in this together. It’s a great way to teach your kids about kindness and paying it forward.” 

To request free kindness cards, visit

Editor's note: Have you participated in the Minnesota Kindness Project? Share your stories below! 

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