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Netflix Stolen, Muskrat Freed: MGPD Report

Apr 06, 2016 01:39PM ● By Doug Erlien

A synopsis of some incidents responded to by the Maple Grove Police Department for the week of March 13-19, 2016. Additional details for burglaries, robbery, arson, and theft can be found on the city website crime mapping section

Information provided by Maple Grove Police Department.

March 13
1200 block of 84th Avenue - Report of person walking through a yard; on arrival officer’s located person who was walking home from bar. Officers gave person ride home.

1800 block of 96th Place - Report of muskrat stuck in a fence. Officers pulled muskrat back through the fence and released it.

8000 block of Valley Forge Lane- Report of a broken leg. Officers arrived, stabilized person, paramedics arrived and transported to the hospital.

March 14
9000 block of Hemlock Lane- Report of items stolen from a storage box in a truck bed. Officers have no suspects at this time.

8000 block of Wedgewood Lane- Report of a person shoplifting. Left store without paying. Officers arrested person and recovered property.

16000 block of 78th Avenue- Report of mail stolen out of mailbox. No suspects at this time.

1000 block of 100th Place- Report of person having irregular heartbeat. On arrival officers assisted in getting person in ambulance for transport.

March 15
16000 block of 96th Avenue- Report of window smashed out on vehicle parked at business. Nothing stolen from vehicle and no suspects at this time.

13000 block of Bass Lake Road- Report of person putting $25 worth of fuel in vehicle and left without paying. Vehicle place did not match the vehicle description.

17000 block of 96th Avenue- Report of a window being broken out of vehicle. Officers located persons involved. They will take care of window that was accidentally broken.

March 16
11000 block of 86th Avenue- Report of Netflix DVD stolen from mailbox. Officers arrived and located Netflix package with DVD gone. No suspects at this time.

18000 block of 74th Place- Report of spray paint on residence in area. Officers located the person that did the painting and agreed to clean it up.

13000 block of 80th Circle- Report of wallet stolen, credit cards used. Officer investigating case.

March 17
16000 block of 94th Avenue- Report of person with abdominal pain. On arrival assisted paramedics in getting person in ambulance for transport.

March 18
Hemlock Lane and Main Street- Report of person driving on the wrong side of the road. Officers made contact with party and arrested them for DWI.

6000 block of Hemlock Lane- Report of person going car to car trying doors in parking lot. Officers did not locate person but saw business card on several vehicles.

7000 block of Troy Lane- Report of snake in residence. Officers arrived, caught the snake and released it outside.

March 19
7000 block of Yucca Lane- Report of person with leg pain. On arrival officers assisted paramedics getting person into ambulance for transport to hospital.

7000 block of Sunnyslope Drive- Report of person having allergic reaction. On arrival officers provided oxygen until paramedics transported person to hospital. 

During this time period there were 17 property damage traffic accidents.

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