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Vandalism, Mail Theft, Shoplifting: MGPD Report

Apr 13, 2016 06:49AM ● By Wendy Erlien

A synopsis of several incidents responded to by the Maple Grove Police Department for the week of March 20-26, 2016. Additional details for burglaries, robbery, arson, and theft can be found on the city website crime mapping section

Information provided by Maple Grove Police Department.

March 20 
  • 9000 block of Hospital Drive. Report of window broken out of vehicle in parking lot; no suspects at this time.
  • 8300 block of Niagara Lane. Report of vehicle window smashed out and purse stolen from inside; case still being investigated for suspects.
  • 14000 block of Weaver Lake Road. Report of persons not paying for bill and leaving business; officers located one suspect who later went and paid the bill at the business.
March 21
  • 9000 block of Dunkirk Lane. Report of wallet being stolen from inside purse while in business; no suspects at this time.
  • 13000 block of 83rd Way. Report of egg thrown on windshield of vehicle parked at business; suspect known and case being investigated.
  • 15000 block of 75th Avenue. Report of mail stolen from resident’s mailbox; no suspects at this time.  
March 22
  • 16000 block of 96th Avenue. Report of person concealing items and leaving business without paying and running away; officers apprehended suspect who was arrested for theft.
  • 12000 block of Elm Creek Boulevard. Report items stolen from unlocked vehicle at business; no suspects at this time.
March 23
  • 8000 block of Oakview Way. Report of package stolen off of front steps of residence; no suspects at this time.
March 25
  • 11000 block of Fountains Drive. Report of super glue in key holes of front and back doors of business; extra patrol provided and no suspects.
  • 6000 block of Crest Drive. Report of mailboxes being hit by vehicle; located driver mailboxes will get fixed.  
  • 7000 block of Main Street. Report of items taken from unlocked vehicle parked at business; no suspects at this time.
March 26 
  • 12000 block of Elm Creek Boulevard. Report of person taking several items without paying; person arrested for shoplifting.
During this time period there were 23 property damage traffic accidents, 10 medical incidents, and one property damage injury traffic accident.

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