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Suspicious Activity Leads to Arrest, Ketchup on Car, Theft: MGPD Incident Report

Jun 12, 2016 01:00PM ● By Wendy Erlien

The following is a synopsis of several incidents responded to by the Maple Grove Police Department for the week of May 15-28, 2016. Additional details for burglaries, robbery, arson, and theft can be found on the city website crime mapping section.

Information provided by Maple Grove Police Department.

May 15

  • 14000 block of Weaver Lake Road. Report of a large party ordering food and leaving without paying. No suspects at this time.
  • 9000 block of Dunkirk Lane. Report of items stolen from unlocked vehicle in parking lot. Surveillance showed possible suspect. No charges at this time. 
  • 8000 block of Oakview Court. Report of person falling. On arrival officers assisted in getting person in ambulance for transport. 

May 16

  • 69th Avenue & Magda Drive. Report of person slumped over steering wheel in area. On arrival officers woke person who had been out fishing and fell asleep. 
  • 17000 block of 93rd Place. Report of person with a bloody nose, unable to stop bleeding.ambulance arrived, officers cleared. 
  • 7000 block of Ithaca Lane. Report of persons with a flashlight in neighbor's yard. Officers searched and did not find anyone. Nothing at the residence seemed out of place. 
  • 9000 block of 64th Avenue. Report of homeowner hearing explosion, found rear of residence and deck on fire. Fire department arrived and cleared officers. 

May 17

  • 13000 block of 89th Place. Report of person having seizure. Paramedics arrived and cleared officers. 
  • 6000 block of Sycamore Lane. Report of motorcycle damaged when suspects were parking in garage. Case being investigated. 
May 18
  • 16000 block of County Road 30. Officers responded to an alarm at business. Observed damage to back door, no entry gained. Crime lab called, no suspects at this time. 
  • 400 block of Eagle Lake Drive. Window smashed out of vehicle parked in driveway. No suspects, nothing taken from vehicle. 
  • 8000 block of Yuma Way. Report of residence broken into and items taken throughout the residence. Crime lab called. No suspects at this time. 
May 19

  • 9000 block of Sycamore Lane. Report of garage door opener stolen from unlocked vehicle in driveway. Officers learned that garage not entered and nothing else stolen. No suspects at this time. 
  • 7000 block of Main Street. Report of items being stolen from unlocked vehicle parked in parking lot of business. No suspects. 
  • 8000 block of Oakview Court. Report of person falling. On arrival, officers assisted in getting person into ambulance for transport. 
May 20
  • 13000 block of 94th Place. Report of doorbell being rung and nobody there. In looking out backdoor, they observed person in all black lying on ground. Dog let out and person jumped fence and ran. On officer arrival, neighborhood check and nobody located. 
  • 9000 block of Lawndale Lane. report of possible heart attack. On arrival officers provided oxygen until paramedics arrived for transport. 
May 21
  • 17000 block of 93rd Place North. Report of deck on fire. On arrival officers cleared residents and flushed hydrants. Fire department arrived and extinguished fire. 
  • 11000 block of Central Park Way. Report of vehicle being damaged while parked in parking stall. No suspects at this time. 
  • 11000 block of 73rd Avenue. Report of person slumped over steering wheel in business parking lot. On arrival, officer's located person who seemed to be sleeping. Person arrested for DWI. 
May 22
  • 12000 block of 63rd Avenue. Officers responded to a business fire alarm at business; learned that someone pulled the fire alarm. Located person nearby and cited for tampering with fire alarm.
  • 15000 block of 91st Avenue. Report of someone spray painting pictures on driveway overnight; possible suspect.

May 23

  • 8000 block of Oakview Lane. Report of open garage door; no one home; officers arrived nothing seemed disturbed, secured door, notifying homeowner via voicemail.

May 24

  • 15000 block of Bass Lake Road. Report of purse stolen from unlocked vehicle.  No suspects.
  • 12000 block of Weaver Lake Road. Report of windows broken on two separate vehicles and items taken. No suspects.

May 25

  • 15000 block of Grove Circle. Report of person parked in business parking lot after closing. Officers located person in vehicle that was homeless. Officers provided shelter and parking options.  
  • 7500 block of Vinewood Lane. Report of a suspicious activity near the neighbor’s garage. On arrival, individual was located and officers learned the person had two warrants.  An arrest was made and the individual taken to jail.

May 26

  • 9800 69th Avenue. Report of items stolen from unlocked vehicle. Officers located one stolen item and possible suspect.
  • 13000 block of Grove Drive. Report vehicle window broken and several items stolen. Case remains active with possible suspect.
  • 6000 block of Pineview Lane. Report of ketchup splattered on vehicle in driveway; no suspects.

May 27

  • 10000 block of 104th Place. Report of two people walking through park after parking on street and had done this previously that same day. Officers learned they were looking for missing son out of Brooklyn Park.  Juvenile not located in area.

During this time period there were eight medical incidents, 25 property damage traffic accidents and five property damage injury traffic accidents.

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