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2016 Maple Grove Days Medallion Hunt - Clue 3

Jun 20, 2016 07:35AM ● By Wendy Erlien

2016 Maple Grove Days Medallion (photo provided by Maple Grove Community Organization)

The 2016 Maple Grove Days Medallion Hunt officially started Monday, June 6. 

Since the medallion wasn't found in 2015, the prize is up to $1,000 for the person who finds the hidden, 5x5, bronze colored, maple-leaf shaped medallion. Before you set out to search in Maple Grove, make sure to read the official rules set by the Maple Grove Community Organization

The third clue (released June 20, 2016) is below: 
Clue 3
Unfortunately this is no tale,
But grilling on site is a big fail.
This location consists of two entities
You will be taught not to forget your necessities. 

The second clue (released June 13, 2016) is below: 
Clue 2:
Our hunt is now under way.
Keep your eyes peeled every day!
The competition has just begun.
Oh look! There's a home run!

The first clue (released June 6, 2016)  and official rules are below: 
Clue 1:
In the run up to Maple Grove Days,
We're reviving your favorite craze.
The Medallion is hidden,
And you won't find it sittin',
Get out and enjoy the sun's rays.

It's now in a Maple Grove Park.
(So remember, don't hunt when it's dark).
You won't need a shovel,
Or search any hovel,
It's summer's most enriching lark.

Don't forget your Maple Grove Button
Before you go huntin'
And we'll hand you a check in July.
Are you ready to watch balls fly? 

Official Rules

The traditional kick off to Maple Grove Days once again features the Medallion Hunt. Gather your resources and plot your strategy in search of the hidden, maple-leaf-shaped, bronze-colored medallion. The cash prize of $1,000 awarded to the lucky finder is  offered by the Lookout Bar and Grill.  Clues given on the Maple Grove Days website and Facebook and Twitter page, Maple Grove Voice, and the Osseo-Maple Grove Press beginning June 9 through July 14, or until the medallion is found.  

For daily updates on whether or not the medallion has been found, searchers may call 763-494-5956.

Contest guidelines and rules are as follows:

 1.    In order to claim the prize, the successful searcher must have purchased a $3 Maple Grove Days Button. The buttons are available for sale at the Maple Grove Community Center  or from Maple Grove Ambassador Candidates. Proceeds benefit the Ambassador Program.   

 2.    The medallion will be found on a city of Maple Grove park land area.

 3.    No digging will be necessary.

 4.    No climbing will be necessary.

 5.    No disassembly will be required to find the medallion, including irrigation heads, light fixtures and park equipment.

 6.    Searchers must not deface public property or otherwise violate laws. Please note: Park hours are 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

 7.    Searchers assume all risk for personal injury.

 8.    No employees or their family members of the city of Maple Grove, Sun Publications, The Lookout Bar & Grill or members or their family members of the Maple Grove Community Organization, are eligible to win.

 9.    The winner’s name will be announced Saturday, July 16, at the Maple Grove Days festival.

10.   Taxes due on the prize winnings are the responsibility of the winner.

11.   If the medallion is not found by 11 p.m., Thursday July 14, 2016, the hunt will terminate and the money will roll to 2017.

12.   The decisions of Maple Grove Community Organization are final.

Please adhere to the guidelines and rules to ensure the safety and respect of all.  

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