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Maple Grove Hospital Providing Pediatric Care Close to Home (Sponsored)

Jul 21, 2016 05:47AM ● By Maple Grove Hospital

Four-year-old Zach, along with parents, Christine and Mike. Zach received care at Maple Grove Hospital spring of 2016. (Photo by Maple Grove Hospital)

The following information was provided and sponsored by Maple Grove Hospital. 

Meet Zach. Or “Zachers” as his family calls him. This sweet boy is four years old, likes Paw Patrol, and plays basketball. But more than anything else, he loves playing with his two brothers. He’s a typical kid, gets bumps, bruises, scrapes and colds – all ailments that can be diagnosed quickly and treated from home.

Zach recently went through several bouts of ear infections and strep throat, one hitting right after another, requiring him to take multiple doses and strengths of antibiotics. Something didn’t sit well, and he ended up severely dehydrated. Zach’s parents, Christine and Mike, knew it was time to have him checked out and went to the Blaine Urgency Center down the road from their home. After Zach couldn’t keep down anti-nausea medicine, the team advised they seek further care and instructed them to head straight to the ER. While other hospitals are closer to home, their family has received care through the North Memorial Health Care system for years and chose to bring Zach to Maple Grove Hospital, where he was born.

The Hospitalist Program

Zach, with his parents, along with Dr. Yang, Medical Director of Pediatric Medicine at Maple Grove Hospital, and nurse Kelley, who oversaw treatment and care during his stay. 

Zach was admitted, and for the next few days received treatment from University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital pediatric physicians who are staffed at Maple Grove Hospital. Having child-friendly specialists eases discomfort and fear that kids may have being in the hospital. Hospitalists consult in the Emergency Care Center and help transition the child to inpatient stay. They also communicate with the child’s primary care physician to maintain continuity of care, and to ensure they’re aware of what’s happening in the hospital. When the customer is discharged, the hospitalist transitions them back to their primary provider with direct communication and care coordination.

From the very beginning, the hospitalists asked Christine and Mike how involved they wanted to be in Zach’s care, which made them feel informed throughout their stay. “We felt comfortable inquiring about things that came to our minds, which is huge for parents to not hold back even the littlest of questions.”

Going the Extra Mile

Being in the hospital can be a frightening experience for a child. The nurses at Maple Grove Hospital did everything they could to win Zach’s heart, but to no avail, he continued to hide behind his blanket when they entered the room. That’s until Nurse Kelley found a way to make a connection. She noticed Zach coloring a Paw Patrol picture and took it upon herself to print one out and color it for him. She walked into Zach’s room and at the same time, he gave her a picture. Christine remembers this moment because Zach finally opened up. She said, “To take the extra step and show that nurses and doctors aren’t just there to check his IV and take his temperature means so much. Kelley wanted him to know that they all cared about him as a little boy. That was one of the biggest memories from our stay – is how much they cared.”

Christine and Mike felt overwhelmed by their experience. “We’re in this beautiful hospital, receiving care from incredible staff. Even though we’d choose to be home with our son, we felt so blessed having everything available to make him better.”

The Paw Patrol picture that Nurse Kelley colored for Zach is still on their refrigerator at home and the one that Zach made sticks to her locker. A reminder of the impact they had on one another’s lives.

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