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BioLife Plasma Services Impacting Lives: Isaac's Story (Sponsored)

Jul 26, 2016 02:06PM ● By BioLife Plasma Services
The following recipient testimonial was provided and sponsored by BioLife Plasma Services - Maple Grove. 

In the past, you’ve learned about the process of saving lives by donating plasma at BioLife Plasma Services. BioLife Plasma Services operates numerous plasma collection centers throughout the United States.  Today, we’re sharing the story of Isaac. 

Isaac’s Story
“I was born on September 13, 1991. I was really small as a baby. The doctor put me in a special bed. In fact, I was so small that I had to wear socks from my sister’s doll. My head was as big as my mom’s fist.

 I’m the youngest one in my family. I have an older brother and an older sister… and, of course, my mom and dad.

Sports have always been important to me. My dad has coached sports such as basketball, football, and baseball for over 15 years. My brother played football in school. So, I’ve grown up surrounded by sports.

Since I was a little kid I’ve liked playing basketball. I’ve had a ball in my hands ever since I can remember. But what I really liked to do was lay on the couch because I was always sick, and nobody could find out why. Even though I went outside I didn’t stay out long. I didn’t eat much either.

Then one day my life would be changed forever. Finally, after five and a half years of suffering we found a certain doctor who I still see today. His name is Dr. Shapiro. He told my parents and me that I had Common Variable Immune Deficiency Disease or CVID. It’s one of over 120 primary immune deficiency diseases. So, we joined the Immune Deficiency Foundation which helps people like me. My mom and I have traveled to many places to speak about primary immune deficiency diseases. We’ve even been to Capitol Hill.

In my case the treatment for CVID is IGIV infusions every 14 days. IGIV is made from plasma. Without this drug I would be sick all the time.

My life is much better now that I receive infusions. I’m able to do whatever I want to do. I am able to eat all types of foods. I can be outside playing sports as much as I want.

My dream for the future is to start my own business or have a good paying job. I want to go to college, but no matter what happens to me in the future I’ll be happy with whatever I do. It doesn’t matter whether I end up making lots of money or working in a gas station. I’ll be fine however I end up in the future as long as I can continue receiving my infusions.

Thank you to everyone who donates plasma and works at plasma collection centers. You have helped to change my life and the lives of others.”  —Isaac, recipient of IGIV, a plasma-based therapeutic

For more information about BioLife Plasma Services in Maple Grove, call 763-416-5511 or visit

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