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Inside the Rivalry: Magstadt's Historical Seven Touchdowns Lead Maple Grove Over Osseo

Aug 30, 2016 09:16PM ● By Doug Erlien

There have been great moments in the 20-year rivalry between Maple Grove Senior High and Osseo Senior High. One of the top moments dates back to Sept. 29, 2006 and junior running back Ethan Magstadt.

On that day Magstadt, the Crimson’s all-time leading rusher, had a day for the ages - rushing for 317 yards and accounting for all seven touchdowns for Maple Grove in their 49-28 win over the Orioles. 

We caught up with Magstadt, who works in the ISD 279 - Osseo Area Schools as a math teacher and sophomore football coach at Maple Grove Senior High, to talk about his record breaking performance.

MGV: You played high school football and were part of the rivalry with Osseo. How do you rate the rivalry?  

Ethan Magstadt: I have been to high school football games across the Midwest and never seen anything quite like the rivalry we have built here. Members of both communities, whether they follow football or not, get involved in this event. As a player, so much pride comes along with this game as both sides feel like they are truly playing for their city. I don’t know if we’re quite at the Michigan/Ohio State level, but in the state of Minnesota, there is no better rivalry.

MGV: What makes the rivalry so special?

EM: Growing up, most of these kids went to elementary and middle school together before being split apart in ninth grade. We have such a unique situation in our community where kids across the street are going to different high schools. It’s almost like competing with a sibling who you have grown up with but will also do anything to beat. Both sides have respect for what the other is doing and understand how important the rivalry is. It doesn’t matter what the sport is, you can throw out the records and ranking because it’s going to go down to the wire.  As someone who went to this school, it’s so much fun to watch this rivalry and see how both schools have grown into state powers.

MGV: The game against Osseo in 2006 (your junior year) was record setting. Looking back, how special was that game?

EM: Personally, I got a few accolades from that night and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that one game helped give me the opportunity to play college football. But what really made that night special was getting to play in that great rivalry with an awesome group of young men.

As a coach, I try to emphasize how important it is as a player to be thankful for your friends and family that support you. Football is great, but it’s nothing more than a game without the people around you. It takes ten players doing everything right to let one do the easy job of putting the ball in the end zone (a lesson I learned later in life as a fullback). Scoring is always fun, but the great teammates I had were what really made that team special. 

MGV: What sticks out to you about the way that game went?

EM: I remember being worried about whether or not we were going to be able to score enough points to win. We broke some long plays and had some quick scores, but it seemed like every time our offense got to the sidelines we had to head back out for kick return. That Osseo team had some incredible play makers with guys that went on to have great college careers like Chris Bunders, Dan Brown, and Marcus Sims. I think we ended up winning by a few scores with some late touchdowns but the game was much closer than that.  

Most of the scoring happened late in the game and out of necessity because Osseo kept answering our scores. I don’t think anyone was very concerned with stats until we were sure we had won the game. A few of the scores were on long runs where I wasn’t touched. Our offensive line was a dominating force in most contests. After the sixth touchdown, I realized we were having a special night. I got a lot of the congratulations because the ball was in my hands, but that night was the result of a well-coached group playing well when the pressure was on. I knew it was our night when I returned a kickoff, which doesn’t happen too often to a slower than average running back.    

MGV: Was there a point in the game that you knew something special was going to happen?

EM: This was about the time that tailgating the football games was becoming an event itself on Friday nights in Maple Grove. I remember driving into the school at 4 p.m. with some teammates to see students already out in the parking lot waiting for the 7 p.m. kickoff. That’s when it occurred to me how big of a deal this rivalry was. It’s now amazing to see how many turnout from this community to be part of what is happening here at Maple Grove.  The players truly get a first class experience thanks to support of this community and the atmosphere they provide at games. Watching the games on a Friday as an adult brings me right back to 17-years-old and how great it was to be part of this program.

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