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Ask the Realtor: How Does the Negotiation Process Work Once I Have an Offer? (Sponsored)

Oct 08, 2016 04:00PM ● By David Garves, Broker/Realtor with

Broker/Realtor David Garves

In this sponsored segment of Ask the Realtor, Broker/Realtor David Garves shares detail on the negotiation process. 

Q: How does the negotiation process work once I have an offer?  

A:  Negotiations is one of the most valuable and most overlooked piece of selling your home.

The negotiations actually begin by setting a list price that is “reasonable and fair” price by supporting it with current sales information and market conditions. This in return should demand any offer on the home be similarly reasonable and fair. 

Once the offer comes in, negotiations are usually won by whoever has the most knowledge and information about the home and the market. Choosing a realtor with strong knowledge of your market will produce the desired results during negotiations.
Remember, though, the terms of the offer can be as important as price and should also be negotiated.

BOTTOM LINE - Whether it’s in business, a courtroom, or a real estate transaction - the side with the most information and data to support their claim usually comes out on the winning side of negotiations.  

For questions regarding the Maple Grove real estate market, contact Broker/Realtor David Garves call/text 763-221-5834 or email

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