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Flooding, House Fires: Maple Grove Fire Department September Incident Report

Oct 09, 2016 08:32PM ● By Wendy Erlien

(photo by Maple Grove Voice)

The Maple Grove Fire Department responded to a variety of incidents during September 2016.

Sept. 3

  • 13931 76th Avenue North.  Stations one and two dispatched to house fire.  Owner states lights flickered and sometime later smelled smoke.  Then observed burning embers on peak of four season porch behind garage.  Fire related to outdoor flood light.  Fire extinguished.
  • 4600 block of Vinewood Lane North, Plymouth. Mutual aid assist to Plymouth for house fire.  
  • 6700 block of Douglas Drive, Brooklyn Park. Station one paged for mutual aid assist to Brooklyn Park on for a house fire.  Shortly after this dispatch, several stations dispatched for rescue on I-494. 
  • Northbound I-494 near East Fish Lake Road.  Assist police.

Sept. 4

  • 12000 block of 99th Avenue North. Building fire.
  • 15300 block of Grove Circle North. Passenger vehicle fire.
  • 11900 block of 90th Avenue North. Building fire. Stations two and three dispatched to report of fire in basement.  Maple Grove Police Department arrived on scene and used fire extinguisher to knock down a dryer fire.  Maple Grove Fire Department brought in a pre-connect line, put the fire out.  Carried dryer outside of building and ventilated unit.
  • 8300 block of Rice Lake Road. Burnt food.

Sept. 10

  • 500 block of Second Avenue NE, Osseo. Building fire. Dispatched to mutual aid assist to Osseo for house fire.

Sept. 13

  • 6500 block of Zinnia Lane North. Burnt food.

Sept. 15

  • 7801 Unity Avenue, Brooklyn Park. Mutual aid assist to Brooklyn Park for house fire.

Sept. 16

  • 13500 block of 63rd Avenue North. Burnt food.

Sept. 17

  • 10400 block of Yorktown Lane North. Building fire.
  • 10800 block of Lancaster Lane North. Burnt food.
  • 12900 block of 63rd Avenue North. Burnt food. 

Sept. 20

  • 13400 block of Bass Lake Road. Burnt food.

Sept. 21

  • 11800 block of 86th Avenue North. Lightning strike (no fire). Dispatched to possible lightning strike on a house.  No fire, investigated.
  • 9800 block of Deerwood Lane North. Dispatched to report of lightning strike with possible house fire.  Stations two and three and Anoka Champlin auto aid. Arrived to find slight haze and no fire.   
  • 12700 block of 94th Avenue North. Dispatched to assist residents trapped due to high water from street flooding.
  • 9800 block of Zachary Lane North. Miscellaneous tasks associated with severe weather and street flooding.
  • 6800 block of Hemlock Lane North. Weather standby during 10-inch rainfall.  Various flood monitoring and traffic control activities.
  • 13400 Maple Knoll Way. Weather standby during severe weather and heavy rain with street flooding.  Various tasks to assess flood damage and traffic control.
  • 6900 block of Lawndale Lane North. Miscellaneous activities related to severe weather and street flooding.  Assessment of damage and traffic control.
  • 13400 block of Maple Knoll Way. Severe weather.
  • 7500 block of Shadyview Lane North. Stations four and five dispatched to house fire from lightning strike. Fire found in basement and bedroom on first floor.  Fire extinguished and ventilate.
  • 8300 block of Rice Lake Road. Burnt food.

Sept. 22

  • 15400 block of Bass Lake Road. Passenger vehicle fire.

Two reports of gas leaks, 12 reports of smoke detector activation due to malfunction, three reports of strange odors, five reports of carbon monoxide detector activation due to malfunction, two smoke removal incidents, seven incidents of alarm system activation/no fire,  three gas leak incidents, three unauthorized burning incidents, three EMS incident calls, and one carbon monoxide incident.   

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