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Election 2016: Maple Grove City Council Candidate Jeffrey A. Drayton

Oct 27, 2016 09:05PM ● By Wendy Erlien

Jeffrey A. Drayton

Jeffrey A. Drayton is among six candidates on the 2016 election ballot for two seats on the Maple Grove City Council.

Candidates were asked the following five questions. 

  • What is your professional/personal background as it relates to the Maple Grove City Council?
  • Why are you running for office?
  • How do you feel you can make an impact by serving on the Maple Grove City Council?
  • What do you feel is the biggest challenge facing the city?
  • What would you like voters/community members to know about you?

The response from Jeffrey A. Drayton is below.  

My name is Jeffrey A. Drayton and I am running for Maple Grove City Council. On November 8th we will be electing two candidates from a field of six to our Maple Grove City Council. For those of you who do not know me, I would like to introduce myself and tell you a little about my candidacy.

I have been a resident of Maple Grove for slightly more than sixteen years. I was born, raised, and graduated high school in Fargo, North Dakota and immediately following graduation, I joined the U.S. Army where I served on active duty for seven years. I am a veteran of the “first” gulf war, operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Following the Army, I moved to Minneapolis and earned a degree from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in Music Education. I taught middle school vocal music in both Woodbury and Robbinsdale but eventually returned to school (Minnesota State-Mankato) and studied Financial Planning. I passed the Certified Financial Planner exam in July of 2014 and, since that time, I have had my own financial planning/financial services practice here in Maple Grove.   

The two pillars that I regard as fundamental to my candidacy are:

1.       Fiscal responsibility and stewardship with public money.

2.       Oversight of growth and development of Maple Grove that places the interests of Maple Grove’s residents first.

In my profession as a financial advisor/financial planner, I see every day the “weight” that taxes place on peoples’ household budgets and quality of life. We all have to pay taxes. I believe the majority of people understand that. However, people also understand, and rightfully expect, that those tax dollars are to be spent prudently and efficiently. Government on any level does not spend “its money,” it spends yours. I seek to be your eyes on the budget of this city, and your voice in overseeing how your tax dollars are allocated.

This town has grown a lot in the last 16 years and I certainly feel that the vast majority of that growth has been very positive. However, as we transition from a young, rapidly developing northwestern suburb to a more mature city, I want to ensure that new development does not come at the expense of current residents and businesses. I want future residential and economic development to maintain the level of quality and abundance that we have come to expect in Maple Grove. We have a good thing here in Maple Grove and Maple Grove residents know that. I want to be a voice that insures that this “good thing” continues well into the future.

I would love to hear from you. City Council is an elected office and elected officials are there to represent those people who put them into office. I look forward to being in dialogue with you so that, should I be elected, you can have the best representation possible. Please feel free to email me at: Additionally, if you would like to learn about me, please visit me at my candidate Facebook page at:

I look forward to representing you on our Maple Grove City Council!

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