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Election 2016: Osseo School District 279 School Board Candidate Meghan Curtis

Oct 27, 2016 10:01PM ● By Wendy Erlien

Meghan Curtis

Meghan Curtis is among 10 candidates on the 2016 election ballot for three seats on the Osseo School District 279 School Board. Osseo School District 279 candidates were asked several questions via email by Maple Grove Voice. Below are the responses from Meghan Curtis.

Q: What is your professional/personal background as it relates to the Osseo School District/School Board?

A:  My name is Meghan Curtis, and I have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Winona State University. I have been a registered nurse for the past seven years and am currently working in a medical clinic.  As a nurse I regularly make decisions that impact the quality of life for my patients. If elected, I will take my job as a School Board member just as seriously. I bought my first home four years ago in Brooklyn Park. I based my home purchase on the community and school district my residence belonged in. I sought a home in Brooklyn Park because of the wonderful school system, parks, community involvement, and friendly residents.  I currently live in my home with my fiancé Paul, and we are patiently awaiting our October 29th wedding date!

Q:  Why are you running for office?

A:  I wish to be a member of the Osseo Area School Board in order to enact positive change that will positively influence community members, students, and Osseo Area employees. Both family members and friends of mine either attend schools in the district or work in the district. I want to ensure that the Osseo School District is always the number one choice for families to attend and community members to find their careers. A healthy school system always leads to a healthy community which is important to me and my family.

Q:  How do you feel you can make an impact by serving on the Osseo School District School Board?

A:  I want parents and community members to feel that the School Board is making decisions that are based on community needs and have the students' best interests in mind. I will create an open line of communication between myself, other board members, Osseo staff, parents, students and community members. I will make myself available via email, telephone, along with availability before and after school board meetings. As a Board member, it will be my priority to seek feedback from the community about what can be improved in our schools, along with acknowledging and celebrating the successes in our district. While on the board, I would make well informed decisions, and work to maintain a balanced budget.

Q:  What do you feel is the biggest challenge facing the school district?

A:  I believe the top priority within our district is closing the achievement gap and creating true education equity for all students. To accomplish this, the steps I would implement would first include reducing class sizes across all grade levels. It is currently a roadblock to success for our students taking classes in math, English, reading, and science with 40 other students and only one teacher. Second, the district’s direction of implementing the restorative justice practice is important, and ensuring all staff are adequately trained for its implementation is critical. Finally, it is important to ensure all district sites have alternatives to suspensions for our students. As a board member, these will be my top priorities, and I will continue to be open to additional avenues to assure true educational equity.

Q:  What would you like voters/community members to know about you?

A: What I want the voters and other community members to know about myself is that I am a very ambitious, level headed, hard-working person. I enjoy a challenge and am a great listener. I do not believe you will find a more dedicated person to this job than me.  Before making any decisions on the School Board I will do my research so that I am able to make the best decisions for our students and for our community. I will be a leader on this board and will be a driving force to keep our district competitive and moving forward.

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