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Slim Jim Break In, Shouting in Cars: MGPD Incident Report

Nov 13, 2016 08:14PM ● By Doug Erlien

File photo: Maple Grove Police Car

The following incidents occurred in Maple Grove Oct. 23-29, 2016, as provided by the Maple Grove Police Department.

Additional details for burglaries, robbery, arson, and theft can be found on the city website crime mapping section.

Information provided by Maple Grove Police Department.

October 23
91st and Oakview Lane - Report of two males attempting to enter vehicles using a slim jim; when observed left area; officers unable to locate males.

1600 block of 70th Avenue - Report of damage to siding on residence; officers arrived and found melted siding on the side of residence. No suspects at this time.

85th and Revere - While conducting routine patrol, vehicle observed outside no trespass area. Officer made contact, person arrested on multiple charges.

October 24
13000 block of 80th Circle - Window smashed on vehicle in parking lot; several items stolen. Officers discovered ratchet wrench lying beside vehicle. No suspects at this time.

9400 block of Dunkirk Lane - Report of person concealing items and leaving without paying; officers arrived, person fled and was apprehended, arrested for theft and fleeing.

16000 block of 90th Court - Report of breathing problem and panic attack; officers arrived, provided oxygen, breathing slowed. Medics arrived for transport.

12000 block of 82nd Avenue - Report of items stolen from unlocked vehicle; no suspects at this time.

October 25
18000 block of 72nd Place - Overhead garage left open overnight, items stolen from vehicle in garage; no suspects at this time.

1000 block of Union Terrace Lane - Report of screen cut and window open on side of residence, several items taken, also damage to inside of residence; crime lab contacted. No suspects at this time.

12000 block of 82nd Place - Report of occupied vehicle in front of residence; officers found vehicle to be stolen. Occupants of vehicle arrested.

October 26
7000 block of Annapolis Lane - Report of box of checks stolen from mailbox. Two checks cashed in other cities; no suspects at this time.

10000 block of Yorktown Lane - Report of person having difficulty breathing; officers arrived and administered oxygen until medics to transport.

12000 block of 82nd Avenue - Report of vehicle in parking lot with window smashed, items stolen from inside. No suspects at this time.

October 27
Elm Road and Vicksburg Lane - Report of vehicle running red light; officers located vehicle and arrested driver for DWI.

9000 block of Merrimac Lane - Report of person having a seizure; officers monitored until medics arrived for transport.

Elm Creek Boulevard and Vinewood Lane - Officer stopped vehicle with no rear license plate, it was learned the vehicle was stolen from another city; person arrested for vehicle theft.

October 28
12000 block of 82nd Avenue - Report of window smashed on a vehicle in parking lot; nothing taken, no suspects.

12000 block of Elm Creek Boulevard - Report of person going through parked vehicles; officers located suspect behind business who was subsequently arrested for theft.

83rd Way and Weaver Lake Road - While on routine patrol officer observed a vehicle stopped at a green light, then made turn without signaling; officer conducted traffic stop, driver was arrested them for DWI.

October 29
90th Place and Garland Lane - Report of vehicle driving in circles in parking area; officer stopped vehicle of juveniles who were released to parents with curfew violation citations.

9200 block of Garland Lane - Report of person knocking on front door and then on rear door; officers located parties who had the wrong address. No criminal activity.

11000 block of Fountains Drive - Report of containers falling on person inside business; officers provided medical attention until paramedics arrived for transport to hospital.

9500 block of 99th Place - Report of wires cut on exterior electrical box of security video camera; no suspects at this time.

7800 block of Main Street - Report of two people yelling inside vehicle in parking lot; officers made contact and one person fled. Officers caught suspect who was arrested for fleeing and outstanding warrants.

During this time period there were 30 property damage traffic accident and no property damage injury accidents.

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