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Council Receives 2016 Citizen Survey Results

Jan 19, 2017 05:56AM ● By Wendy Erlien

The National Research Center provided a summary of key findings from the 2016 community survey in Maple Grove during a presentation to the Maple Grove City Council Jan. 17. (graphic provided by city of Maple Grove)

Following a mail and online community survey in the fall of 2016, the Maple Grove City Council received a report of the results and heard a presentation with a summary at the Jan. 17  Maple Grove City Council meeting

The city hired the National Research Center last year to conduct the survey, compile, and provide the results. According to the presentation from Research Associate Chelsey Farson at the January meeting, 1,200 surveys were mailed and 449 were completed (38 percent). “The results were weighted to reflect the community,” she said.

The last survey was conducted in 2013. “The timeline of this survey was moved up from 2018 to September 2016 to allow the data to be utilized for the Comprehensive Plan Update and Economic Development initiatives,” according a memo provided to the City Council from city staff.  The results from the web survey were kept separate from the random mail survey. “The key finding is that Maple Grove resident continue to enjoy an exceptionally high quality of life.”

Among the survey findings shared by Farson during the City Council meeting included:

98% responded “very good” or “good” to the overall quality of life in Maple Grove

99% responded they would recommend living in Maple Grove to someone

93% responded they would remain in Maple Grove for the next five years

Safety, neighborhood quality, housing quality, and school quality were the considered most important to those responding to the question “When you think about living in Maple Grove, how important, if at all, are each of the following to the quality of life here?”  Proximity to work, proximity to family/friends, and career opportunities were considered the least important.

“Services and amenities provided by Maple Grove show a marked increase in ratings,” Farson said during the presentation. From the 2013 survey, ratings increased on the 2016 for areas of providing services to youth, animal control, land use, sidewalk maintenance, and street repair and maintenance.

Traffic and transportation may be “an area of improvement,” according to the results shared during the presentation – with distracted driving and traffic congestion topping the list as a “major problem” or “moderate program.”

When asked what the single biggest challenge facing the city of Maple Grove right now, survey responders shared traffic and transportation, development/attracting new residents and businesses, and managing growth as their top concerns, according to Farson’s presentation.

Overall, 81% of those surveyed said the overall direction Maple Grove is taking is “very good” or “good.”

To view the presentation from the Jan. 17 Maple Grove City Council meeting, click here.

To view the draft report of results from the city of Maple Grove 2016 citizen survey, click here.

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