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Assault, Burglary, Stolen Vehicle Recovered: MGPD Incident Report

Mar 04, 2017 02:13PM ● By Wendy Erlien

The following synopsis of incidents occurred in Maple Grove Feb. 5-11, 2017, as provided by the Maple Grove Police Department.

Additional details for burglaries, robbery, arson, and theft can be found on the city website crime mapping section.

Information provided by Maple Grove Police Department.

Feb. 12

16000 block of 96th Avenue. Report of person concealing items and running out of business without paying. Officers located several employees and officers arrested suspect.

6200 block of Sycamore Lane. Report of person in parking lot of business having a seizure. Officers arrived, individual refused ambulance and waited for ride home.

16000 block of 96th Avenue. While on routine patrol officer observed person walking around closed businesses. Officer made contact with homeless person looking for cigarette butts. No crime occurred.

Feb. 13

8000 block of Cottonwood Lane. Report of vehicle keyed while parked overnight in driveway. Officer located several areas with fresh scratch marks on vehicle.  Possible suspect being investigated.

12000 block of Weaver Lake Road. Reported assault inside business; officers made contact with individuals, no charges.

13000 block of 78th Avenue. Report of individual in and out of consciousness, officers located person on bed, but not responding. Transported to hospital by ambulance.

9000 block of Zircon Court. Report of neighbor’s garage door left open during the night, officers made contact with homeowner and closed garage door.

Feb. 14

13000 block of 90th Place. While walking, individual reported being jumped and items stolen from them. Officers made contact with victim who knew who assaulted him. Case being investigated.

12000 block of Bass Lake Road. While doing routine patrol in area of businesses, officer found an open rear door of one business. Business notified and door secured.

11000 block of Main Street. Report of purse being left behind at business and turned into the front desk, now stolen. Officers learned person possibly overheard conversations with owner and claimed the purse.  No suspects.

Feb. 15

13000 block of 81st Avenue. Report of damage to vehicle parked at residence. Officer saw both side mirrors broken off, paint damage and one tire sliced.  No suspects at this time.

Fish Lake Road and Sycamore Lane. Report of person looking for help and wanting a ride. Officers made contact with individual who was bleeding from injuries to knees. Determined individual was in accident by hitting tree and walking away. Paramedics arrived and cleared officers.

11000 block of 92nd Avenue. Report of suspect damaging vehicle parked in driveway of residence. Officers made contact, photos of damage taken. Case being investigated.

Feb. 16

16000 block of 96th Avenue. While on routine patrol, officer found stolen vehicle out of Minneapolis park at a gas station pump. Observed driver go inside who was later arrested for the stolen vehicle.

7700 block of Yucca Lane. Report of window and side light broken at residence, no suspects at this time.

Feb. 17

12000 block of Bass Lake Road. While conducting routine patrol of business, officer located an open door, nothing seemed out of place, door secured. Management notified. 

12000 block of 84th Place. Report of suspect gaining entry into attached garage and going through cars and stealing several items; no suspects at this time.

8200 block of Norwood Lane. Report of unlocked vehicle parked in driveway had been gone through. No damage, nothing taken, the front passenger door left ajar.

Feb. 18

9500 block of Blackoaks Lane. Report of victim assaulted by unknown suspect inside business. The suspect then ran out of business; obtained photo of suspect and receipt of purchase for possible suspect identification.

Elm Creek Boulevard and Revere Lane. Officer observed vehicle fail to maintain single lane, driving over lane markers. Officer made traffic stop and arrested driver for DWI. 

8200 block of Revere Lane. While on routine patrol, officer observed vehicle parked by locked gate, displaying no trespass sign at business. Observed two parties on top of bluff who came down. Parties cited for trespassing.

During this time period there were 28 property damage traffic accidents and two property damage injury accidents.

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