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Journey to the Tourney - Crimson Success Inspires Youth

Mar 22, 2017 06:17AM ● By Doug Erlien

Attend a Maple Grove Senior High Crimson boys basketball game and you are likely to see plenty of members of the Osseo-Maple Grove Basketball Association teams running around emulating their favorite players. The recent success of Crimson basketball has kids from elementary and middle school dreaming of their moment in a Maple Grove uniform.

Ryan Stendahl is a fifth grader and played on a OMGBA traveling team this past season. From a basketball perspective, his favorite teams are the Crimson and the Wisconsin Badgers. Put two and two together and you quickly understand his favorite player is Brad Davison.

Ryan attends almost every Crimson game and wears a unique jersey that pays homage to all three. The fifth grader with big hoop dreams sat down with Brad to talk basketball and to play a friendly game of PIG.

Ryan: Why did you pick number 34?

Brad: I picked number 34 because my whole family has been number 34. Both my parents in high school and in college were number 34. Actually, both my sisters growing up for Maple Grove were 34, so I had to carry on the tradition.

Ryan: Why did you choose Wisconsin?

Brad: I chose Wisconsin mainly because of my relationship with the coaching staff. I’ve known both Coach Gard and Coach Krabenhoft since 8th and 9th grade, so I had a really good relationship with them and the players that are there so it should really be a lot of fun.

Ryan: And, what happened in fifth grade in the state tournament when you got third?

Brad: Oh, man…it was actually here. We lost to the Woodbury Huskies on that court by five. I’ll never forget it, I always remember every traveling tournament, those are the glory days. Always remember those, enjoy them while they last.

Brad: What is your favorite part about coming to the Maple Grove high school basketball games?

Ryan: Just seeing everyone play and it’s really fun to watch you throw alley-oops.

Brad: What is your favorite thing about basketball?

Ryan: All my friends play it and we’re a pretty good team. It’s really fun to play in the tournaments and just come together.

Brad: Speaking of the tournaments, what happened in your fifth grade state tournament?

Ryan: This year we got second and we beat one of the teams that we had lost to four straight times.

Brad: There you go, you beat us. But we won it in 8th grade, so it’s looking good for you guys!

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Check out the video below as Ryan challenges Brad to a game of PIG. 

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