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Ice Rescue, Building Fire, Elevator Issue: MGFD March Incident Report

Apr 09, 2017 09:05AM ● By Doug Erlien

(photo by Maple Grove Voice)

The following is a synopsis of incidents responded to by the Maple Grove Fire Department for March 2017.

March 1
7600 block of Shadyview Lane North. 
Dispatched to assist Maple Grove Police Department in rescuing dog that fell through ice on pond. Used Community Service Officer rescue snare to pull dog out of water.

March 2
13000 block of Maple Knoll Way. Alarm system activation. No fire, unintentional.

March 3
Lane North and I-94. Steam, vapor, fog or dust thought to be smoke.
Lane North and County Road 30. Odor/ Smell of gas.

March 4
8600 block of I-94.
Dispatched to possible semi-truck fire at MnDOT rest area. Slowed to routine while enroute, no fire. Truck was leaking transmission fluid. Put down granular absorbent.
17000 block of 80th Ave. 
North. Smoke detector activation due to malfunction.

March 5
12000 block of 88th Ave 
North. Unauthorized burning.

March 6
10000 block of Yorktown 
Lane North. Service call, fire out report.

March 7
6300 block of Vinewood 
Lane North. Smoke detector activation, no fire- construction.
7100 block of 72nd Lane, Brooklyn Park. Building fire.

March 8
10000 block of 89th Avenue 
North. Water or steam leak.
13000 block of 90th Place 
North. CO detector activation due to malfunction.

March 9
9500 block of Upland 
Lane North. Arcing, shorted electrical equipment.
300 block of West Eagle Lake Drive. Odor/smell of gas.

March 10
17000 block of 82nd Avenue 
North. Smoke detector activation due to malfunction.

March 11
Westbound I-694 west of Highway 169. Dispatched and cancelled en route.
6300 block of Wedgewood Road 
North. Odor/ smell of gas.

March 12
On I-94 in area of Maple Grove Parkway. Assist police or other governmental agency.

March 13
12000 block of Elm Creek Blvd. Extinguishing system activation due to malfunction.

March 14
17000 block of 69th Place 
North. Smoke detector activation due to malfunction.

March 15
18000 87th Avenue North. Heat from short circuit (wiring), defective/worn.
16000 block of County Road 30. Alarm system activation, no fire- unintentional.

March 16
6200 block of Sycamore 
Lane North. Alarm system activation, testing.
County Road 30 and Lanewood 
Lane. Unauthorized burning. Dispatched to check burn. Residents had two fires burning, one almost out, the other ten feet in diameter which were too large for a recreational permit. Permit requirements explained.

March 17
11000 block of 80th Ave 
North. Removal of victim(s) from stalled elevator. Dispatched to assist person in stalled elevator. Arrive to find elevator technician already on site, he had been dispatched nearly 40 minutes before the fire department was dispatched. Elevator was lowered to first floor and two occupants were able to get out of elevator.  
11000 block of Fountains Way. Strange odor/smell.

March 20
15000 block of 84th Place 
North. CO detector/ activation due to malfunction.
7700 block of Queensland 
Lane North. Smoke detector activation due to malfunction.
13000 block of 63rd Avenue 
North. Smoke detector activation, no fire-construction.

March 21
10000 block of 102nd Place 
North. Unauthorized burning.
Eastbound I-94 east of Maple Grove Parkway. Passenger vehicle fire. 
Dispatched to car fire along interstate highway, fire extinguished.

March 22
88th Place North and Shadyview 
Lane. Good intent call, other.
12000 block of 80th Avenue 
North. Smoke detector activation, no fire- unintentional.
12000 block of Elm Creek Blvd. Burnt food.

March 23
11000 block of 100th Ave 
North. Unauthorized burning.

March 24
11000 block of Central Park Way 
North. Alarm system sounded due to malfunction.

March 25
11000 block of Fountains Drive 
North. Odor/smell of gas.
6300 block of Alvarado Lane 
North. Odor/ smell of gas

March 26
16000 block of 92nd Avenue 
North. Burnt food.

March 27
9400 block of Ranchview 
Lane North. Alarm system sounded due to malfunction.
10000 block of Lancaster 
Lane. North. Authorized controlled burning.
18000 block of 70th Avenue 
North. Dispatched and cancelled en route.

March 28
11000 block of 96th Avenue 
North. Water or steam leak.

March 29
14000 block of 31st Avenue. Building fire.
12000 block of Elm Creek Boulevard. Water or steam leak.

March 31
6200 block of Meadowlark 
Lane North. Assist police or other governmental agency.

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