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Theft, Stuck Muskrat, After Hours Basketball: Maple Grove Police Department Incident Report

Apr 11, 2017 03:13PM ● By Wendy Erlien

File photo: Maple Grove Police Car

The following synopsis of incidents occurred in Maple Grove March 26 through April 1, 2017, as provided by the Maple Grove Police Department

Additional details for burglaries, robbery, arson, and theft can be found on the city website crime mapping section. 

March 26

7000 block of Forestview Lane. Report of parties yelling at each other in common area of business. Officers arrived, individuals separated and advised to stay away from each other.

13000 block of Grove Drive. Report of person sitting in chair, waiting for haircut and passed out. Officers made contact with individual, who was intoxicated, transported to detox center.

9300 block of Inland Lane. Report of person climbing through window of residence, officers learned it was homeowner, who was locked out. 

March 27

8500 block of Forestview Lane. Report of person not being able to pay taxi fare, as credit card did not work. Officers assisted, took person to get change and returned to pay taxi driver.

8400 block of Rice Lake Road. Report of truck parked halfway inside garage at vacant residence. Officers made contact with individual who was there to paint inside of residence.

13000 block of 83rd Way. Report of individual who trespassed from business the day before, was at business. Officers made contact with individual, who attempted to throw coffee on officers. Individual arrested for trespassing and disorderly conduct.

9800 block of 64th Avenue. Report of several mailboxes damaged in area, tire tracks in mud and on curb. No suspects at this time.

12000 block of Elm Creek Boulevard. Report of running vehicle parked in fire lane with crying child inside. Officer’s unlocked door to calm child when parent arrived. Warning and citation given for parking in fire lane. 

March 28

8000 block of Norwood Lane. Report of person sleeping in vehicle in cul-de-sac. Officers made contact with individual visiting friend and too tired to drive home.  Individual left after contact was made.

12000 block of 94th Avenue. Report of three individuals going into open garage door and leaving in vehicle while homeowners were out of town. Vehicle located at area business. Per homeowner another vehicle was also missing.  Investigation ongoing.

12000 block of Elm Creek Boulevard. Report of two individuals entering business, grabbing Xbox console and running out of store. Officer received vehicle information and are investigating case for suspects.

12000 Central Park Way. Report of people yelling at closed park. Officers made contact with several people playing basketball, they were informed park was closed. Individuals left the area. 

March 29

I-94 & Weaver Lake Road. While enforcing traffic in area officers stopped speeding vehicle. Both individuals in vehicle were arrested for drugs.

1000 Fountains Way. Report of individual noticing vehicle door open and dome light on and pressed panic alarm. Then notice two parties run to another waiting vehicle. Officers learned vehicle probably unlocked, nothing taken. No suspects located.

15000 block of 65th Place. While on routine patrol. officers noticed two vehicles in park after hours. Officers made contact with individuals, who were cited for possession of marijuana. 

March 30

17000 block of 66th Avenue. Report of muskrat stuck in window-well. Officers arrived, captured muskrat, and released it.

3000 block of Grove Drive. Report of occupied vehicle parked in bank parking lot for 30 minutes. Officers made contact with individual on phone who was intending on going through drive-through, but was having long conversation. 

March 31

13000 block of Bass Lake Road. While on routine patrol officers notice person walking in the middle of roadway. Officer made contact with individual, who was cited for curfew violation, possessing marijuana. Officers provided ride home.

9000 block of Ranchview Lane. Report of two individuals dressed in black, one wearing a ski cap. ran across road in front of reporting party and between two houses. Officers checked area, found one gate open on fence but no suspects.

8000 block of Peony Lane. Report of several items stolen from unlocked vehicle in driveway overnight. No suspects at this time. 

April 1

Bass Lake Road & I-494. Report of person trying to pick up something in the middle of the freeway. Officers arrived, individual had gotten boat tarp off roadway.

14000 block of Rice Lake Road. Report of mailbox and post gone from front yard. No suspects at this time.

13000 block of Grove Drive. Report of person pumping gas into vehicle and driving off without paying. Officers located vehicle and learned card must have not worked. Individual went back and paid for the gas.

8000 block of Wedgewood Lane. Report of party inside business causing scene. Officers arrived and trespassed individual from business for one year.

12000 block of 92nd Avenue. Report of person lying next to vehicle. Officers arrived with paramedics, individual transported to hospital by ambulance.  

During this time period there were 25 property damage traffic accidents and one property damage injury traffic accident.

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