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Theft from Vehicle, Burglary, Squirrel Chases Child: Maple Grove Police Incident Report

May 15, 2017 06:17AM ● By Wendy Erlien

File photo: Maple Grove Police Car

The follow synopsis of incidents occurred in Maple Grove April 30 through May 3, 2017, as provided by the Maple Grove Police Department. Additional details for burglaries, robbery, arson, and theft can be found on the city website crime mapping section

April 30

  • 82nd Avenue and Main Street. Report of an intoxicated female who exited a cab and walked toward the park.
  • 10800 Block of 95th Avenue. Report of a burglary in progress, it was determined to be an intoxicated male who attempted entry.
    7600 Block of Wedgewood Court. Report of a head injury. Individual transported to hospital for care.
  • 6600 Block of Ives Lane. Report of theft of purse from vehicle.
  • 13000 Block of 83rd Way. Report of a customer who was upset over an item being out of stock and wanted police assistance. Individual was cooperative and left the store after speaking with officer. 

May 1

  • 8600 Block of Vagabond Lane. Report of an unlocked vehicle stolen from driveway.
  • 8800 Block of Holly Lane. Report of a theft/burglary, items stolen from two unlocked vehicles in driveway, garage door was up, opener missing.
  • 7400 Block of Fernbrook Lane. Report of suspicious vehicle, found two males smoking cigars.
  • 6800 Block of Vicksburg Lane. Report of multiple items stolen from unlocked vehicle in driveway.

May 2

  • 18000 Block of 87th Avenue. Report of a suspicious vehicle, found to be a realtor taking photographs.
  • 9800 Block of 101st Place. Report of a rabbit stuck in window well, rabbit rescued and released.
  • 12000 Block of Bass Lake Road. Report of a female walking, a male was following, yelling out of the vehicle - it was her father, they were arguing and he was trying to have his daughter return home. 

May 3

  • 7900 Block of Wedgewood Lane. Report of items stolen from store.
  • 7700 Block of Main Street. Report of theft of wallet from purse and fraud committed with credit cards.
  • 13500 Block of 89th Circle. Report of loud music coming from residence; homeowner cooperative when informed of complaint.
  • 99th Place North and Union Terrace Lane. Report of people running around and yelling at each other; they were playing a game of football.
  • 73rd Place and Quantico Lane. Report of car prowlers who were chased away by witnesses.
May 4

  • 12000 Block of Meadowlark Court. Report of a burglary, numerous items taken.
  • 9800 Block of 107th Place. Report of a squirrel who chased a child twice; animal relocated.
  • 9500 Block of Garland Lane. Report of prescriptions stolen from a locker.
  • 8500 Block of Kirkwood Lane. Report of noises outside patio door, nothing was located.

 May 5
  • 8500 Block of Kirkwood Lane. Report of person going through trash cans.
  • 15600 Block of Grove Circle. Report of a fire near a utility box; fire department responded to the scene.
  • 11200 Block of Fountains Drive. Report of a theft of items from store.
  • 6200 Block of Meadowlark Lane. Report of theft of items from unlocked vehicle.

May 6

  • 9500 Block of Pilgrim Lane. Report of an unconscious party, person responded to recovery measures and transported to hospital.
  • 12000 Block of Main Street. Report of broken glass on display case.
  • 8000 Block of Wedgewood Lane. Report of fraudulent credit card activity at business.
  • 8400 Block of Forestview Lane. Report of a fire that was extinguished upon arrival although caused some damage to home.

 During this time period there were 34 property damage traffic accidents and six property damage injury traffic accidents.

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