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Radio Controlled Car Traffic Jam, Birthday Bash: Maple Grove Police Department Incident Report

Jun 04, 2017 06:50PM ● By Doug Erlien

File photo: Maple Grove Police Car

The following synopsis of incidents occurred in Maple Grove May 20-27, 2017, as provided by the Maple Grove Police Department. Additional details for burglaries, robbery, arson, and theft can be found on the city website crime mapping section.

May 21

8500 block of Xenium Lane. Report of an unknown vehicle parked in homeowner’s driveway; registered owner contacted and determined his repaired vehicle was brought to wrong address.

10000 block of Cottonwood Lane. Report of a broken window of a vehicle parked on the street.

17000 block of 91st Avenue. Report of loud music. Homeowner contacted, individuals cooperative.

May 22
12000 block of 63rd Avenue. Report of license plate stolen from vehicle.

13000 block of Grove Drive. Report of ducklings that had fallen in the storm drain. Officers were able to safely remove them.

11000 block of Fountains Drive. Report of two males dismantling a vehicle. Individuals contacted and found to be repairing the headlights on a co-worker’s car.

May 23
6800 block of Timber Crest Drive. Report of laptop and iPad stolen from vehicle.

7900 block of Main Street. Report of male fishing near Town Green. Individual advised of ordinance and left.

12000 block of Elm Creek Boulevard. Report of shoplifting that occurred from retail store.

13000 block of Grove Drive. Report of harassing comments made by passerby to employee on break outside of business.

May 24
17000 block of 80th Place. Report of damage to a mailbox post.

18000 block of 80th Place. Report of vehicle in the neighborhood that hooked up a boat from a nearby driveway. Driver contacted, he was picking up the boat to clean it.

8700 block of Monticello Lane. Report of vehicle window broken and item stolen.

13000 block of Grove Drive. Report of an irate customer who was screaming threats and throwing items. Business advised to call for assistance if party returned.

May 25
62nd Place and Larch Lane. Recovered unoccupied stolen vehicle. Referred to agency involved, vehicle towed from scene.

12000 block of 82nd Avenue. Report of suspicious person in parked car. 
Individual contacted who stated he was doing repair work to homes in the area for the next week.

6200 block of Larch Lane. Report of a vehicle stolen from garage.

7800 block of Main Street. Report of two males in vehicle driving up and down the street yelling at a group of males outside business to fight. Gone upon officers arrival.

May 26
6800 block of Chesshire Lane. Report of wallet stolen from unlocked vehicle.

10000 block of 89th Avenue. Report of 
Individual operating radio controlled car in driveway of business causing traffic issues. Individual advised and cooperative.

Fish Lake Road and Weaver Lake Road. Report of a male out walking who appeared to be intoxicated. 
Individual was not located by officers.

11000 block of 70th Place. Report of people yelling and screaming. Contact made and noted children’s birthday party in progress which was concluding.

May 27
16000 block of 89th Avenue. Report of verbal only domestic. Both 
Individuals had been drinking and began arguing. They agreed to separate for the evening.

7400 block of Vinewood Court. Report of 
individual with severe back pain. Individual transported to hospital via ambulance.

9300 block of Garland Lane. Report of storage units broken open and items taken.

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