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Mace Incident, Thefts, Cheese Spray: Maple Grove Police Incident Report

Jun 11, 2017 06:11PM ● By Wendy Erlien

File photo: Maple Grove Police Car

The following synopsis of incidents occurred in Maple Grove May 28 through June 3, 2017, as provided by the Maple Grove Police Department.

Additional details for burglaries, robbery, arson, and theft can be found on the 
city website crime mapping section

May 28

  • 17000 Block of 66th Avenue. Report of a purse stolen from an unlocked vehicle parked in driveway.
  • 16000 Block of County Road 30. Report of person hurrying from business while toting small child, concerns about possible kidnapping. Officer made contact and individual was trying to quickly purchase cup for child to use at nearby restaurant.
  • 13000 Block of Grove Drive. Report of a couple yelling at each other inside business; officer responded but individuals had left, no contact made.
  • 18000 Block of 99th Place. Report of homeowner’s doorbell being rung. No one at the door when answered but footprints noted across yard. 

May 29

  • 10000 Block of Zopfi Way. Report of vehicle parked in street. Contact made with individual who stated he was verifying where his girlfriend was to make sure she wasn’t lying about her location.
  • 7800 Block of Wedgewood Lane. Report of a person entering business and spraying mace at an employee who was an acquaintance.
  • 12000 Block of Elm Creek Boulevard. Report of several bottles of liquor stolen from store.
  • 7200 Block of Forestview Lane. Report of an assault; individuals had disagreement and fight occurred. 

May 30

  • 12000 Block of 74th Avenue. Report of unknown male lying on front step. Individual was from out of town and directed to correct address of friend.
  • 6800 Block of Sycamore Lane. Report of theft of several tools from trailer on construction site.
  • 6500 Block of Urbandale Lane. Person reported unknown individual had stopped his mail delivery over the weekend and was concerned the intent was mail theft; advised to follow-up with postal inspector.
  • 12000 Block of Elm Creek Boulevard. Report of large window broken on building.
  • 17000 Block of 80th Place North. Report of head injury due to fall. Individual transported by ambulance to hospital for further care.
  • 6300 Block of Wedgwood Road. Report of shoplifter taking multiple items. Individual cited for theft.

May 31

  • 12000 Block of Elm Creek Boulevard. Report of grass fire, which was extinguished by the fire department upon their arrival.
  • 6200 Block of Quinwood Lane. Report of theft of wallet from vehicle parked near business; window smashed to gain access.
  • 8100 Block of Wedgewood Lane. Report of a suspicious person trying car doors.  Officer located male who was hanging religious flyers on vehicles; advised it was prohibited and individual was cooperative.
  • 11000 Block of 69th Avenue. Report of person having difficulty breathing. Officer arrived and administered oxygen; party transported to hospital. 

June 1

  • 12000 Block of 97th Avenue. Report of theft from unlocked vehicle; individual reported money stolen from purse.
  • 6800 Block of Quantico Lane. Report of damage to a tree, soaked with gasoline by unknown individual.
  • 9400 Block of Ranchview Lane. Report of loud music coming from residence.  Individuals advised and were cooperative. 

June 2

  • 12000 Block of Elm Creek Boulevard. Report of a fight; officers arrived and found a large group of people were getting dropped off by a party bus for their vehicles.
  • 11000 Block of 84th Avenue. Report of two unknown individuals going door-to-door at townhomes. Contact made and found individuals were getting painting estimates for the association.
  • 13000 Block of Bass Lake Road. Report of an assault. Individuals contacted and found to be a traffic disagreement between the drivers of two vehicles who went on their way.
  • 13000 Block of Maple Knoll Way. Report of mail theft. Individual stated they had placed two graduation cards containing checks in the mail, bank notified individuals that a suspect had tried to cash them in another city. 

June 3

  • 8400 Block of Zanzibar Lane. Report of a snapping turtle; officer responded and transported turtle safely to nearby swamp.
  • 12000 Block of Main Street. Report of individual sitting on edge of wall at top of transit ramp.  When contacted, person stated they were enjoying the sunset; party was cooperative.
  • 15000 Block of 91st Avenue. Report of cheese sprayed on windows of home. 

During this time period there were 28 property damage traffic accidents and three property damage injury traffic accidents.

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