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Stolen Pool Cues, Ding Dong Ditch, Vandalism: Maple Grove Police Department Incident Report

Jul 11, 2017 09:04AM ● By Doug Erlien

File photo: Maple Grove Police Car

The following synopsis of incidents occurred in Maple Grove June 25 through July 1, 2017, as provided by the Maple Grove Police Department

Additional details for burglaries, robbery, arson, and theft can be found on the 
city website crime mapping section

June 25
99th Avenue and Monticello Lane. Report of a slumper in vehicle. Officer made contact and found it was a paper delivery person who was taking a quick nap.

16500 block of 96th Avenue. Report of person parked in handicap spot asking passersby for gas money. Officer made contact and found individual’s license was cancelled. He said he would call his family for a ride.

10300 block of 97th Place. Report of possible fight. Officer responded and found that a group of teens had come to a party and harassed a guest which started an argument. Individuals had left and no charges.

June 26
12800 block of 82nd Place. Report of a taxi no pay. Two parties stated they would run into their home to retrieve money but failed to return. Driver was not able to confirm correct address with officer.

9100 block of Goldenrod Lane. Report of pool cues and case stolen from unlocked vehicle in driveway.

9400 block of Dunkirk Lane. Report of male at ex-girlfriend’s place of employment harassing her. Officer responded and spoke with management who will address the situation.

June 27
9900 block of Urbandale Lane. Report of three individuals who rang doorbell and left. Officers arrived and were unable to locate the individuals.

11500 block of 88th Avenue. Report of individual experiencing chest pain. Officer responded and provided oxygen until ambulance arrived and transported person to hospital for further care.

9400 block of Dunkirk Lane. Report of two purses stolen from vehicle in parking lot.

June 28
8700 block of Dallas Lane. Report of freshly painted home being egged.

16300 block of 96th Avenue. Report of individual in tent along fence line. Officer responded and advised party of tent ordinance and resources to contact.

12600 block of 88th Place. Report of loud yelling outdoors. Officer responded and found it was a group of kids on deck of home playing music and talking. Cooperative and complied with noise ordinance.

June 29
11800 block of Fountains Way. Report of person leaving hotel without paying.

 block of Hemlock Lane. Report of two rings stolen from home.

10000 block of 104th Avenue. Report of fireworks going off. Contact made with party who was cooperative.

June 30
11800 block of Fountains Way. Report of unconscious individual due to accidental inhalation of chemicals. Officer responded and administered oxygen until ambulance transported person to hospital for further care.

15800 block of Grove Circle. Report of unattended dog locked in car at business. Officer responded and made contact with owner who stated it was a brief stop. Animal was not in distress. No further action needed.

6800 block of Merrimac Lane. Report of vehicle parked in front of home with occupants who appeared impaired. Car gone upon officer’s arrival.

July 1
12900 block of 63rd Avenue. Report of loud group of people arguing in lobby. Officer arrived and made contact with individual who dispersed to their rooms after being advised of possible eviction if not cooperative.

7700 block of Kingsview Lane. Report of theft of trailer parked near home. No suspects.

12000 block of Elm Creek Boulevard. Report of shoplifting from retail store where individual concealed unpaid merchandise and left. Officer responded and suspect cited and trespassed from business.

10300 block of 96th Avenue. Report of dog continuously barking. Officer made contact with owner who was given warning regarding ordinance. 

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