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Sleepy Dinner, Loud Music, Injured Woodpecker: Maple Grove Police Department Incident Report

Jul 19, 2017 05:08AM ● By Doug Erlien

File photo: Maple Grove Police Car

The following synopsis of incidents occurred in Maple Grove July 2-8, 2017, as provided by the Maple Grove Police Department

Additional details for burglaries, robbery, arson, and theft can be found on the 
city website crime mapping section

July 2
6000 block of Berkshire Lane. Report of late evening fireworks. Officer responded and made contact with individual, they would be no more fireworks and would clean up debris.

8400 block of Forestview Lane. Report of yelling, possible fighting heard. Officer responded and spoke with individuals who stated it was an argument, nothing physical.

9000 block of Magnolia Lane. Report of an unlocked vehicle stolen from driveway which was recovered by police in another city.

9400 block of Ranchview Lane. Report of individual having difficulty breathing. Officer responded and cleared once ambulance arrived for transport to hospital.

13700 block of Grove Drive. Report of suspects taking unpaid merchandise from retail store and leaving in vehicle.

July 3
10000 block of 95th Avenue. Report of suspicious vehicle. Officer made contact, individuals were talking before dropping party off who lived across the street.

67th Avenue and Wedgewood Road. Report of male lying on the ground. Officer made contact, individual had been walking and needed to rest. Laid down in the grass for a nap. No assistance needed.

9600 block of 97th Place. Report of loud music coming from residence. Officer responded and advised of noise ordinance.

July 4

6300 block of Vinewood Lane. Report of person who fell asleep while eating in restaurant. Officer made contact and individual stated they were tired because children were up all night. No assistance needed.

10000 block of Valley Forge Lane. Report of illegal fireworks being lit. Officer responded and advised individual of complaint.

8800 block of Olive Lane. Report of a house fire. Officers responded and all occupants were safely outside. Fire department arrived and put out the fire.

July 5
11600 block of 99th Place. Report by homeowner that metal mailbox door was bent overnight. It was also noted several more along the street had similar damage. No known suspects.

8600 block of Monticello Lane. Report of five newborn kittens left near business. Officer responded and transported them to the PUPS facility where they were released to a rescue.

9200 block of Zanzibar Lane. Report of people yelling. Officer responded and found argument had occurred. One of the individuals agreed to leave the residence for a few hours.

89th Avenue and Pineview Lane. Report of a vehicle fire. Officer and Maple Grove Fire Department responded and extinguished fire involving the tire.

July 6
11500 block of Arbor Lakes Parkway. Report of person injured at construction site. Officer responded along with ambulance and individual was transported to hospital.

12900 block of Weaver Lake Road. Report of unwanted person creating a disturbance with customers. Officer responded and advised individual to leave the business.

9000 block of Holly Lane. Report of domestic where officer responded and found an argument had ensued but nothing physical. No charges.

July 7
18000 block of Gladstone Boulevard. Report of an injured woodpecker that had fallen into an egress window. Officer responded, safely removed the bird and transported it to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

9000 block of Zachary Lane. Report of stolen trailer that was located in another jurisdiction.

6200 block of Sycamore Lane. Report of explosives being thrown at vehicle which were likey fireworks. No damage to driver of vehicle. Unable to locate suspect.

July 8
15000 block of 67th Avenue. Report of various keys stolen from unlocked vehicle in driveway.

8900 block of Tewsbury Gate. Report of home being egged.

Hemlock Lane and I694. Report of vehicle fire. Officer and fire department responded and extinguished the flames. Driver was unharmed.

77th Avenue and Highway 169. Report of bicyclist who had fallen and was injured. Officer responded and found intoxicated individual who was transported by ambulance to hospital for further care.

12600 Block of 82nd Avenue. Report of unlocked bicycle stolen from rack. No suspect.  

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