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On The Patio: Atmosphere Makes OMNI Brewing a Destination Patio

Jul 27, 2017 08:39PM ● By Doug Erlien

Photo By: Maple Grove Voice

Photo By: Maple Grove Voice

Tucked away in the northern end of Maple Grove, OMNI Brewing’s patio might be one of the best kept secrets in the community. When thinking about a traditional patio, most think about a typical restaurant. OMNI offers the best of both worlds. 

“The taproom and the patio are a really good alternative to a traditional bar,” co-owner Zach Ward said. 

From new dads to knitting clubs, OMNI’s laid back atmosphere has drawn a variety of groups of people in the 
nearly two full years in Maple Grove.   

“I think for us it’s great because we do music on Friday nights, having the food truck out there.
Photo By: Maple Grove Voice

 The great thing I love about the food truck outside of the fact that it allows us to focus on the beer,” Ward said. “We have a Philly cheesesteak truck every Thursday. Would a philly cheesesteak store survive by itself in Maple Grove? Maybe, maybe not.”

The patio at OMNI as a welcoming presence. Cribbage leagues have become a big hit. In addition to music and food, you’ll find patrons playing a board game or cards on the patio.  

“It’s one of the few patios where the vast majority of it has a good amount of shade for a good amount of the day,” Ward said. “We’ve got those big trees out front and the sun sets in the west and as soon as it gets past about 1 p.m., you’ve got shade.”

What’s Hot This Summer:
The SotaSMASH (single malt and single hop) is the must have summer beer at OMNI. It’s a hop-centric brew with a west coast IPA Pale Ale style. The great part of SotaSMASH is that all the ingredients are from here in Minnesota. The barley is grown in Mankato and malted in Ramsey, the hops are grown just north of Becker.

OMNI is planning a second anniversary celebration in which they will release some special beers.

“We are going to be pretty hop focused and we’re hoping to release our first sour beer,” Ward said. “The beer has to be right, of course, and we have three candidates so we’re excited about that.”

The popular Octoberfest will make a return to OMNI as well. Last year, the beer was so popular, that it sold out in three weeks. This year, the aim is to make it last six weeks.

The quiet location and amazing low key vibe makes OMNI Brewing’s patio the place to try on a beautiful summer day. 

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