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Water Rescue, Building Fires, Gas Leaks: Maple Grove Fire Department July Incident Report

Aug 19, 2017 06:12AM ● By Wendy Erlien

(photo by Maple Grove Voice)

The following is a synopsis of incidents responded to by the Maple Grove Fire Department for July 2017.  

July 2

  • 3600 block of Orchid Lane North. Swimming/recreational water rescue.
  • 13700 block of 85th Avenue North. Strange odor/smell.
  • 6300 block of Kingsview Lane Nroth. Gas leak. 

July 4

  • 9500 block of Zircon Court. Brush or brush-and-grass mixture fire.
  • 8800 block of Olive Lane North. Building fire. 

July 5

  • 85th Place North and Pineview Lane North. Passenger vehicle fire.
  • 8900 block of Vinewood Lane North. Medical assist, assist EMS crew. 

July 6

  • 8300 block of Rice Lake Road. EMS call.
  • 7800 block of Main Street North. Strange odor/smell.
  • 12000 block of 80th Avenue North. Assist police or other governmental agency. 

July 7

  • 6400 block of Edgewood Avenue North, Brooklyn Park. Building fire. 

July 8

  • 8800 block of Monticello Lane North.Gas leak.
  • 6200 block of Nathan Lane N Unauthorized burning
  • 12000 block of 62nd Place North. Burnt food.
  • Hemlock Lane North. Oil or other combustible liquid spill. 

July 9

  • 9600 block of Saratoga Lane North. Unauthorized burning. 

July 10

  • 16500 block of 84th Place North. Gas leak (natural gas or LPG).
  • Cardinal Circle North and Robin Road. Gas leak.
  • Bass Lake Road and Juneau Lane. Medical assist. 

July 11

  • 13600 block of 74th Place North. Odor/smell of gas.

July 12

  • 8500 block of Pineview Lane North. Burnt food. 

July 13

  • 6800 block of Hemlock Lane North. Medical assist. 

July 14

  • 11100 block of 97th Place North. Unauthorized burning - no permit. 

July 16

  • 19000 block of 81st Place North. Gasoline or other flammable liquid spill. 

July 17 

  • Westbound County Road 81/Elm Creek Boulevard. Extrication of victim(s)from vehicle.

July 18

  • 9700 block of Higwahy 101. Building fire
  • 6200 block of Peony Lane North. Carbon monoxide incident. 

July 22

  • 7400 block of Kilmer La N Building fire - With Sprinkler activation
  • 97th Place North. Medical assist. 

July 24

  • 6500 block of Olive Lane North. Assist police.
  • Dunkirk Lane North and Weaver Lake Road. Motor Vehicle Accident with no injuries. 

July 25

  • Bass Lake Road and Sycamore Lane. EMS call, excluding vehicle accident with injury
  • 17100 block of 67th Place North. Gas leak.
  • 15200 block of 95th Avenue North. Unauthorized burning.
  • 7200 block of Yuma Lane North. Odor/smell of gas. 

July 26

  • 19000 block of 63rd Place North. Mobile property (vehicle) fire. 

July 27

  • 8200 Main Street North. Odor/smell of gas.
  • 9800 block of Hospital Drive. Burnt food.
  • 73rd Avenue North and Trenton Lane North. Gas leak. 

July 28

  • 10200 block of Quaker Lane North. Unauthorized burning - no permit. 

July 29

  • 7200 block of Quantico Lane North. Unauthorized burning - no permit. 

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