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Maple Grove Residents Receive Recognition at Minnesota State Fair 2017

Sep 03, 2017 08:05AM ● By Wendy Erlien

Minnesota State Fair (file photo provided by Minnesota State Fair)

During the 2017 Minnesota State Fair, many Maple Grove residents placed in a variety of competitions.

Listed below are some of the community members receiving recognition during the annual event as of Sept. 3.

K-12 Competition


Sophia Liu (Basswood Elementary) – 2nd drawing, oil crayons

Xia Zhou (Meadow Ridge Elementary Wayzata) – 4th drawing, mixed media

Tony Cheng (Meadow Ridge Elementary) – 2nd painting, watercolor

Michael Zhou (Meadow Ridge Elementary) – 1st painting, acrylic, oil 

First Grade

Aaron Shao (Meadow Ridge Elementary) – 1st drawing, mixed media

Ryder Zhang (Scenic Heights Elementary School) – 2nd painting, watercolor and 1st in painting, acrylic, oil

Mia Padjen (Basswood Elementary) – 2nd sewing (clothing, quilts, pillows) 

Second Grade

Joy Zhou (Meadow Ridge Elementary)

  • 3rd drawing, markers
  • 2nd drawing, color pencils

Third Grade

Felix Cheng (Meadow Ridge Elementary)

  • 2nd drawing, markers
  • 2nd in painting, watercolor
  • 3rd painting, acrylic

Olivia Peng (Meadow Ridge Elementary School) – 4th drawing, oil crayons

Serena Sun (Rush Creek Elementary School)

  • 3rd drawing - pencil, charcoal, ink or ball point pen
  • 3rd painting, acrylic

Aaron Zou (Meadow Ridge Elementary)

  • 4th drawing - pencil, charcoal, ink or ball point pen
  • 4th painting - watercolor
 Evan Xiong (Meadow Ridge Elementary School) – 4th drawing, mixed media

Carla Carta (Meadow Ridge Elementary School) – 4th painting, acrylic 

Fourth Grade

Johnny Wang (Meadow Ridge Elementary School)

  • 2nd drawing - oil crayons
  • 2nd painting, water color 

Richard Lin (Meadow Ridge Elementary School)

  • 3rd drawing, pencil
  • 4th painting - acrylic, oil 

Fifth Grade

Ashley Zhou (Wayzata Meadow Ridge Elementary School)

  • 2nd drawing, pastel
  • 2nd painting, watercolor 

Sixth Grade

Olivia Sun (Maple Grove Middle School)

  • 1st drawing, crayon
  • 1st drawing, pastel
  • 3rd painting, acrylic oil     

Julia Zhang (Wayzata Central Middle School)

  • 3rd drawing, pencil
  • 2nd painting, watercolor
  • 2nd painting, acrylic oil 

Matthew Chen (Wayzata Central Middle School)

  • 2nd drawing, colored pencil
  • 3rd painting, watercolor
  • 4th painting, acrylic oil 

Sarah Feng (Maple Grove Middle School)

  • 1st painting, acrylic, oil 

Seventh Grade

David Vieceli

  • 2nd drawing, pencil
  • 4th drawing, pastel 
Haley Beck 2nd painting, acrylic oil 

David Xu (Wayzata Central Middle School) 3rd painting, acrylic oil 

Samantha Bergstedt  2nd sewing - clothing, quilts, pillows 

Dina Berray (Upper Mississippi Academy) recognized for the group projects - banners, murals, large sculptures, wall hangings, quilts category. 

Eighth Grade

Alena Ang (Maple Grove Middle School) 1st drawing - colored pencil

Richard Gu Yanling (Huang Art Class) 1st drawing-pastel  

Audrey Zhou (Wayzata Central Middle School) 4th painting - acrylic, oil

Grace Patnode (Wayzata High School) 

  • 1st original stories
  • 2nd poems or poem collections 

Ninth Grade

Brian X Lin (Wayzata High School)

  • 1st drawing, pencil
  • 3rd painting, acrylic oil 

11th Grade

Jason Weng (Wayzata High School) 3rd research papers

12th Grade

Victoria Johnson (Maranatha Christian Academy) was recognized in the sculpture (wire, wood, papier-mâché, plaster of paris, non-fired clay, masks) category. 

Receiving the Maple Grove Arts Center Award was Jeremy Jordan.

In the adult competitions, those placing included: 

Fruit & Wine

Ross Pope – Third in the Amateur Wine Show class (red grape table wine, Minnesota grapes) 

Honey Bee & Culture

Paul Vandergon – Second in the light natural beeswax block class

Ella Williams – Third in the beeswax, cosmetics (pure beeswax products) class 

Crop Art & Scarecrow

Elizabeth Butler

  • First in crop art – wearable crop art, amateur
  • Fourth in crop art - artistic, natural colors, amateur class 1
  • Sixth in crop art - special occasion, amateur class 11 


Laura Wuertz

  • First in the whites, Atlantic class 11
  • First in whites, Shepody class 14
  • First in reds, Pontiac class 33
  • First in reds, LaSoda class 34
  • Third in russets, Burbank class 21
  • Third in reds, Norland class 31
  • Fourth in reds, Viking class 32
  • Fourth in reds, class 35 


Laura Wuertz – Third in ground cherries, class 512 

In the Creative Activities-Baked Products category, Nancy Barrett received fourth in the German chocolate cake, 8 or 9 in. two-layer, category. 

In the Creative Activities-Baked Products category, Annette Gustafson received recognition in several categories:

  • Chocolate chip cookies - with nuts, no fruit (first)
  • Cookies and bars - dark, rolled flat, no frosting (first)
  • Cookies and bars - dark, ball type, flattened before baking (fourth)
  • Oatmeal, no fruits, nuts or chips or icing (fourth)
  • C&H Sugar Special Award for Cookies & Bars (second)
  • Gluten Free Baking, gluten free - cookies or bars (second) 

Creative Activities – Canning

Cindi Tarshis Appelman received fourth the applesauce, no other additions, category.

Zia McNeal received third in the jam (orange marmalade) category and the second in the jam (low sugar or no sugar jam) category.

Wayne Estenson received second in the relishes (Barbecue sauce, non-traditional style) category.

Laura Gallup received third in the pickles (beet) category and fourth in the tomatoes (tomato juice) category. 

Creative Activities – Garment Making

Joan Grimm received fourth in the infant and toddler garments (afghan, knit, no larger than 42 in. x 42 inch) category. 

Creative Activities – Handmade Crafts

Connie LaTendresse received second in loom weaving, towel (weaving, knotting, felting, and caning) class 576 and first in the class 579. She received first in the Weaver's Guild of Minnesota (best use color in woven non-wearable items) category. 

In the animals (free hand painting on porcelain) category, Kristal Roerick received recognition. 

Robert Munson received recognition in the furniture, large piece (free hand painting on wood) category. 

In the beadwork (decorative crafts) category, Julie Fletcher received second. 

Rachel M. Arntson received third in the mosaic (flat surface decorative crafts) category. 

Creative Activities - Needlecraft

In the pieced (hand or machine quilted by someone other than entrant) in the large bed quilt category, Patricia Henseler received third. Henseler received recognition in the Minnesota Quilters (best use of color) category. 

Irina Kireeva received first in the shell/sleeveless vest, first in the sweater/pull over, third in the bag or purse (crocheted articles) category. 

In the shawlette (fine weight yarn, up to 25 in. widest point) hand knitted articles category, Cindi Olson received fifth place. She also received fifth in the knit bag (hand knitted articles) categories. 

Elizabeth Kro received second in the stole (rectangle), lightweight yarn, 16 in. or more in width hand knitted articles category as well as fourth in the child sweater (hand knitted articles) category. 

Christine Petterson received fourth in the socks, open work, texture (hand knitted articles) category. 

In the folk painting on wood handcrafts category, Robert Munson was recognized.

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