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Business Profile: Guaranteed Rate Mortgage Continues to Grow in Maple Grove

Sep 15, 2017 05:46AM ● By Doug Erlien

Steve Ruprecht of Guaranteed Rate Mortgage (photo by Douglas Erlien)

Out of college in 1991, Steve Ruprecht knew nothing about mortgages. His work ethic and his ability to connect with people has helped him make dreams come true for his clients.

“I always tell people jokingly this is all I know,” Ruprecht said. “It’s very rewarding to take care of people and get them into a house.”

He has watched markets change and his knowledge grow and 26 years later, he leads the Maple Grove office of 
Guaranteed Rate Mortgage as branch manager. In 2014, they were the 8th largest lender according to figures from the third quarter of 2014. Guaranteed Rate Mortgage has grown through the years and thanks in large part to a strong marketing arm as well as a commitment to technology, it continues to rise in its position in the market place.

“We close with clients and information goes into our database and there is marketing materials that will touch them, month in and month out not only mail but email,” Ruprecht said. “We are top notch and a lot of lenders are not. As a nation wide company, just knowing the owner where he started and his goals and what he’s doing, he wants to be the top of the top.”

New buyers can complete the process online which pulls their credit and the approval process is all completed through the system. Once that process takes place, Guaranteed Rate is notified and notified and Ruprecht and his team contact the client to find out more information and walk them through the process.

“Generally you are coming through a previous client or realtor referral and there’s part of the trust,” Ruprecht said. “Realtors aren’t going to refer business to us, past clients aren’t going to unless we’ve done a good job.”

In some cases, potential buyers aren’t as tech savvy or prefer a face-to-face meeting which Ruprecht and his team prefers.

“I can get a little bit more accustomed to what their situation is,” Ruprecht said.

With the vast variety of products available, navigating the landscape can seem overwhelming.

“I always tell them, I’ll put myself in your shoes. What would I do if I were in your position,” Ruprecht said.

As Maple Grove continues to grow, the community has become more of a destination for families as well as businesses.

“Maple Grove is very sought after, it’s a little higher end,” Ruprecht said. “People would love to get into Maple Grove, it’s become a sought after suburb, no doubt.”

Guaranteed Rate Mortgage is located at 12924 63rd Avenue North in Maple Grove. 

For more information on 
Guaranteed Rate Mortgage, visit their website.

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