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Building Fire, Elevator Rescue, Tennis Court Damage: MGFD August Incident Report

Sep 17, 2017 01:54PM ● By Wendy Erlien

Maple Grove Fire Department (photo by Wendy Erlien)

The following is a synopsis of incidents responded to by the Maple Grove Fire Department for August 2017.  

Aug. 1

7700 block of Fountain Lane North. Medical assist, assist EMS crew.

Aug. 2

13800 block of 54th Avenue, Plymouth. Passenger vehicle fire.

Aug. 3

12500 block of Elm Creek Boulevard. Bomb scare - no bomb.

Eastbound I-694 and southbound I-494. Recreational vehicle fire (RV) fire. Driver pulled over and found small fire (contents) burning in storage area of motor home. He attempted to extinguish. Fire Department arrived and completed extinguishment.

Aug. 5

8100 block of Evergreen Lane North. Smell of gas.

7800 block of Elm Creek Boulevard. Defective elevator, no occupants.

Aug. 8

9800 block of 65th Avenue North. Odor/smell of gas.

17700 block of 62nd Court. Overheated motor.

8200 block Main Street North. Burnt food.

Aug. 10

11819 86th Avenue North. Authorized controlled burning.

6200 block of Zinnia Lane North. Unauthorized burning - no permit.

Aug. 11

14700 block of 95th Avenue North. Medical assist, assist EMS crew.

Aug. 12

9300 block of Trenton Lane North. Building fire.

Aug. 13

6300 block of Pineview Lane North. Gas leak.

Aug. 16

8400 block of Revere Lane North. Water or steam leak.

Aug. 19

9800 block of Arrowwood Lane North. Unauthorized burning.

Aug. 21

15000 block of Territorial Road. Gasoline or other flammable liquid spill. A tree service company was clearing brush under power line, their machine fell sideways into the creek. Spill less than one pint. Equipment was brought in to remove mower from creek.  

6800 block of East Fish Lake Road. Burnt food.

Aug. 24

13700 block of 90th Avenue North. Unauthorized burning.

8900 block of Sycamore Lane North. Passenger vehicle fire. Arrived on scene to fully engulfed car next to garage. Homeowner woke up to hearing an explosion in the driveway, and saw that his truck was on fire. Called 911. He tried to put out fire with garden hose. Little to nothing damage to garage.

Aug. 27

8100 block of Main Street North. Removal of victim from stalled elevator. Called for one stuck in elevator.  Person had no complaint and no distress.

9400 block of Orleans Lane North. Power line down. Call to tree on power line.  Upon arriving found tree branch lying on roof. Power line still attached to home but under branch.  Excel was notified. Scene was secured.

Aug. 29

13300 block of Grove Drive. Burnt food.

6600 block of Annapolis Lane North. Special outside fire. Juveniles cited. Damage to tennis court, an aerosol can was ignited and found along the tennis court with burn damage.

Aug. 30

11400 block of 73rd Avenue North. Medical assist, assist EMS crew.

16200 block of 70th Place North. Burnt food.

Aug. 31

8300 block of Yuma Way North. Gas leak.

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