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Nisbet, Thrivent Financial Helping Clients Reach Retirement Dreams

Oct 03, 2017 08:39PM ● By Doug Erlien

It didn’t take Michelle Nisbet long to find her calling. As a child, her love for being strategic with her money was evident.

“I’ve always been a financial person,” Nisbet said. “My mom and dad would give me my allowance. I got $5 and I would ask for four-ones and four-quarters. I took $2.50 and put it in my Valley Fair wallet and took the other $2.50 and would sit on the front step and wait for my dad to take me to the bank so I could put it in my savings account.”

Out of college, Nisbet worked as an equity trader at Piper Jaffray and fell in love with the financial industry’s fast pace. After 10 years with the company, Piper Jaffray went through some layoffs and changes and Nisbet came to a crossroad. Take the severance package or move to New Jersey.

“I thought I was going to retire there,” Nisbet said. “I did some searching. I realized I wanted to be a business owner, but couldn’t pin point what business do I want to do.”

After toying with the idea of owning a restaurant, Nisbet took her knowledge and experience in the financial sector and combined it with her job as a mutual fund wholesaler where she trained advisors how to sell financial products.

“It just clicked,” Nisbet said. “I want to use my knowledge of investments, use my trading background and own a financial planning firm.”

It didn’t take long to find the perfect partnership.

“I knew who Thrivent was,” Nisbet said. “Pretty much every good parent from where I came from in northern Minnesota, we all got our juvenile baby policies. That’s how I knew who they were.”

Nisbet knew she had found her home as a financial planner

“I just have a passion,” Nisbet said. “What I learned from trading is how brutal it can be on individuals and families and what Wall Street can do if you don’t have the right guidance.”

Retirement Planning is the Bread and Butter

Currently, 85% of Nisbet’s clients are 50-years-old or older and moving them to retirement is the goal and is the most rewarding part of the job.

“The happiest days for me are when we can sit here and we show them their retirement plan and say ‘seven-day weekends are happening’,” Nisbet said.

Nisbet has been in Maple Grove for five years and has built a business that continues to grow and thrive with new clients and referrals. In addition, she provides great insight and information with monthly classes at the Maple Grove Community Center.

“The biggest question I get is ‘I don’t think I have enough’,” Nisbet said. “That’s where we talk about it. It’s hard to estimate, but we estimate. This is the amount you are living off of now, we can use rules of thumb, about 70 percent of your current income is what you can live off of in retirement. Those are some of the things we talk about.”

After talking about goals, Nisbet and her team work through a plan to give clients a gauge.

“It’s truly about helping people,” Nisbet said. “That is the biggest reward for me. You get compensated for it, but it’s something that there is a lot of trust. That’s really my why. Help people to really live these dreams.” 

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