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Ten Tips Home Sellers Can Use to Encourage Buyers (Sponsored)

Oct 17, 2017 07:30AM ● By Jaimie Schmeling

A clutter free kitchen with updated appliances, lighting, back splashes, counters can help sell homes. (photo provided by Jaimie Schmeling)

The following post was written, provided and sponsored by Jaimie Schmeling Edina Realty.

The last few months we have enjoyed sharing Twin City and Maple Grove real estate market information with you. 

 If you have not read them, please consider looking back and read the introduction to services we offer our clients in the first article. The second article is about the market and how to be in a good position with a mortgage to buy a home. Kyle Field is a very skilled local lender with American Mortgage & Equity Consultants, Inc. who is adding mortgage information to our blog articles monthly. 

This month’s blog we are going to focus on keeping you informed on the current market, give sellers an idea what buyers are looking for that creates multiple offers, and what buyers can do to win the sale in a multiple offer situation. The market has continued to stay strong and the inventory again decreased.

This is the Twin Cities region market information for the week ending September 23:

• New listings increased 1.7% to 1,465

• Pending sales decreased 1.5% to 1,081

• Inventory decreased 16.5% to 12,765

 We felt that with such a large number of buyers out looking, we would help them know how to maneuver themselves on the current market with the possibility of multiple offers. We feel that there was large wave that took place last spring with multiple offers and it continues today, but feel it is slowing a little bit in that department. It really comes down to a condition of a property. 

Staging doesn’t have to be expensive. This master has a tray with coffee cups on the bed (photo above, provided by Jaimie Schmeling)

Many buyers in this market want move in ready and will go all in if a seller is doing many of these ten things:

1) Updated paint colors inside and out with neutral paint and siding colors.

2) Great curb appeal goes a long way to get buyers in the door. An updated or freshly painted front door, new door knob hardware, a welcome mat, shiny clean mailbox and house numbers, tidy landscaping and outdoor lighting all contribute to more interested parties.

3) Reduced Clutter and removed family photos as it will let a buyer see themselves living there. I always ask sellers if they are moving when sold. They say they are and I ask them to consider moving some clutter out of closets and the home early into a storage facility and it will help their sale and allow buyers to like it more. Lightly staging a home also helps buyers see themselves there.

4) A clean home inside and out is a top buyer priority because it looks so much more valuable to a them when it is all clean from dust, window smudges with weeds pulled and clean gutters outside.

5) Cleaning carpets or replacing them if they are not in good condition will make a buyer pay more for the home so they don’t have the expense themselves!

6) Complete minor repairs so buyers feel like they are getting a maintenance free home.

7) Buyers can be pulled in simply by an updated beautiful light fixture. This will also make a buyer pay more for they know it is more money to pay electricians and buy lighting so more throughout is ideal.

8) An updated bathroom and kitchen is golden to a buyer! Replacing a toilet and sink, a fresh kitchen faucet, tiled backsplashes are reasonable updates that can enhance a home to a buyer.

9) Buyers love newer appliances and home systems like furnace, AC and water heater. Adding a home warranty is a piece of mind for a buyer is these things are not up to date!

10) Being flexible for buyers booking last minute showings and sellers allowing the listing agent to hold open houses makes access a little easier for buyers who can’t coordinate a showing with their realtor with short notice. This brings more buyers to a listing.

A buyer can do some key things to make sure they are in a good position to win a home in multiples. They can write a letter to the sellers and tell them why they want the home and who the buyers are as a family. The buyer can make sure they have a realtor who can read people and communicate well so that they can win over the listing agent who would put in a good word for the buyer agent as to someone who will help make sure things go smoothly and will work as a team member to the transaction. I am also sharing with you a brief Edina Realty Video on how you can manage multiple offers.


There are many things for a buyer to do with a lender that make a difference in being picked in multiples also. Contributing lender, Kyle Field with American Mortgage & Equity Consultants, Inc. will share these with you.

There are many ways that a lender and buyer can make a difference in the eyes of the seller/sellers agent.  

1.  I call sellers agent and introduce myself and my company. I brag to the moon and back about my buyer. I let them know they are in good hands with AMEC. Customer service will be top notch and we will close on time.  

2.  Go beyond the pre-approval and go in with a credit/income approval pending a good appraisal and title.  Seller agents want to hear that the buyer is rock solid.  

3.  Quick pre-approval process.  Don't wait until the last minute to get pre-approved. I might need some time to get more info and some questions answered.  Fill out an application on my website at  Should only take 15 minutes.  Send your income documentation over ASAP.  Documents needed will change depending on buyer.  

If you have any questions about any of this information or want to start the process, please email me at

Edina Realty Gives Multiple Offer Tips for Buyers

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