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Rest and Recovery Crucial for Peak Athletic Performance (Sponsored)

Oct 19, 2017 03:40AM ● By Rebecca Knight

Photo Courtesy: Twin Cities Orthopedics

The following was written and sponsored by Twin Cities Orthopedics

When it comes to sports for young athletes and active adults, emphasis often is placed on practice and workouts. And rightfully so. But two things that play just as much of a role in nailing that game-winning shot or making a highlight-reel save are rest and recovery.

Building back up

Workouts and games stress your body and break it down. Afterward, your body’s recovering and building back up to get stronger. There’s a number of ways you can recover, with everything from stretching, yoga, foam rolling, walking, jogging, icing, sleep (we’ll get back to this one later!) and more. Some of these have more research to back up their effectiveness than others, but they can all contribute to a good recovery when used wisely.

We make goals for a lot of what we do, and recovery isn’t any different. The main goal should be to leave you feeling more relaxed than when you started a practice, workout or game.

Use your head

One general guideline to follow: The more intense your workout was, the more thoughtful your recovery should be. What’s frequently overlooked in recovery is our minds – more specifically our perceptions and beliefs. Those can have a huge impact on our stress levels, and working out is all about stressing our bodies.

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