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Restore Chiropractic Plans Maple Grove Opening

Oct 24, 2017 07:24PM ● By Wendy Erlien

Restore Chiropractic in Maple Grove (photo by Wendy Erlien / Maple Grove Voice)

Located at 15507 Grove Circle North (across from Target near Daily Dose), Dr. Kyle Trontvet along with his wife Rachel will be opening Restore Chiropractic in Maple Grove. 

“What led us to open Restore Chiropractic is a pretty incredible story and it is amazing to see how God has brought us to this place,” Rachel said. “I dealt with some significant health concerns in my late teens and early 20s. I dealt with severe headaches and chronic neck and back pain. I took two prescription medications daily, one for the pain and a muscle relaxer to help me sleep. I had to leave work early often because of the pain and was also dealing with digestive issues, allergies, and my biggest health concern, infertility.” 

She ended up going to a chiropractor for her headaches who did a specialized, neurologically-based, chiropractic technique. Headaches went away, off medications within three weeks, and she was pregnant within three months, according to Rachel. 

“Over time, my chronic neck and back pain went away and eventually, my digestive issues and allergies decreased as well,” she told Maple Grove Voice. “We were living in Fargo, ND and I was driving to Bismarck to see my chiropractor and I did that for over two years and finally, on my way long drive home, I said, ‘Kyle, you should be a chiropractor!’ (He was working as a nurse at this time.).” 

The couple sold their North Dakota home, moved to St. Louis, MO while Kyle attended school. As graduation neared, the Twin Cities became the destination they hoped to settle in.    

“We spent a couple weekends before graduation driving around the metro trying to decide where to open and fell in love with the Maple Grove area. We have three young children and we loved the family-friendly environment, the incredible parks and all there is to do here,” Rachel said. 

In addition to draw for their family, they wanted to be in an area where no one else utilizes Torque Release Technique (TRT), for which Kyle is specialized in. 

“We have a passion to see people’s lives changed through the care offered at Restore Chiropractic. Our family has witnessed first-hand how neurologically-based chiropractic care can change someone’s live and help them heal from the inside-out. “We focus on the incredible connection between the nervous system and the spine. When one has misalignments in their spine, it puts pressure on the nerves that exit the spine and can impact the function of your entire body. Basically, we can help with much more than just back pain - although, we help with back pain, too. Torque Release Technique is effective, specific and research-based.” 

To help celebrate their upcoming opening on Oct. 30, Restore Chiropractic Ribbon Cutting ceremony on 4-6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 26.  Click here for event details

"Not only do we want to see people have symptom relief, we also want to educate the community and change the way we view health," Rachel said. 

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