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Benefits of Selling Your Home During Winter Months (Sponsored)

Jan 02, 2018 08:22PM ● By Jaimie SCHMELING

The following post was written, provided and sponsored by Jaimie Schmeling Edina Realty.

Happy New Year, Maple Grove!

Winter is a beautiful time to drive around - a blanket of snow creates a very picturesque scene. Many feel it is a tough time to sell a home, but the buyers out there must be serious.   

I am sharing the market for November 2017 in Maple Grove for your review (see below email box after end of post). The current market still has such small numbers for inventory. If you’re wondering if it’s still a good time to sell, the answer is, “Yes!” 

Winter, along with the holidays, could be a great time to highlight different features to a home. A few months ago, I helped a family purchase this stunning Maple Grove home (left) and you can see how holiday decor adds so much ambiance to the home and gives buyers an idea of what the the holidays could be like for them.  

If you’re worrying about having to do simple repairs that you see on lists to sell homes, the fact is buyers are accepting less in this inventory. Please consult with a realtor before getting your ‘honey do list together’ and spending time on that. You may save yourself and realize that the light staging that I offer and reducing in your home is the key. I’m happy to come over for a tour and consult to give you an idea as to what I think your house could sell for. Multiple offers could again happen often in 2018. The low inventory allows sellers to get a better price for their home.

You might be surprised, but there are huge advantages about listing your home in the winter! Here are just a few:

1. There are always buyers looking online for homes, so it doesn't matter how cold it is or if there is three feet of snow on the ground, serious buyers will be searching the web. 

2. The home inventory becomes even more slim over the holidays and winter season than it already is in this market, but the number of buyers do not. Use this time of less competition and there is a great chance your home will sell fast!

3. Although many people have hectic schedules over the holidays, it also means more time off than usual. This means more time for browsing the web, about the next home and also scheduling showings on a home that may just be the one!

My professional prediction, along with Kyle Field of American Mortgage and Equity Consultants, for 2018 is that it is going to remain strong for another year and the inventory most likely will not grow and remain similar to 2017. 

"Opening the Door to Your Dreams"

Expect the exceptional!



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