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Seven Cold-Weather Fun and Fitness Tips (Sponsored)

Jan 07, 2018 03:18PM ● By Rebecca Knight

Elm Creek Skiing Chalet (photo by Maple Grove Voice)

The following was written and sponsored by Twin Cities Orthopedics

Strange December thunderstorms can lead to January polar vortex conditions that freeze freeways, plumbing, and the tears streaming from your dry eyes. And 60-degree faux-spring teasers in February are certain to be wiped out by a blizzard mid-March. This is our Minnesota winter.

We Minnesotans need two essential tools to effectively deal with — and thrive in — this unpredictable season. 

First, a willingness to mentally roll with whatever Mother Nature tosses at us, and second, a plan to actively embrace any condition out there. Deep dives into arctic temps can trigger self-protection mode, keeping you cocooned inside while binging on carbs and shows. 

However, your body, mood, and overall well-being implore you to get up, get out, and get moving! 

Check out find seven fun and easy ways that’ll boost your energy and help you stay active and fit when it’s cold by clicking here:

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