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Maple Grove City Council Establishes 2018 Street Rehabilitation Projects, Orders Feasibility Reports

Jan 15, 2018 05:30AM ● By Wendy Erlien

2018 proposed street rehabilitation projects (graphics provided by city of Maple Grove)

The road rehabilitation season in Maple Grove has started to move forward with the adoption of resolutions by the the Maple Grove City Council Jan. 2. establishing street rehabilitation projects and ordering feasibility report.

 A five-year streetrehabilitation program (2018-2022) was adopted by the Maple Grove City Council at the Sept. 5, 2017 meeting, according to documents provided to the council

For 2018, three separate project areas were determined “in order to allow for multiple contractors/project teams to build the projects simultaneously.”

The project areas, according to council documents, include streets:

-Teal Lake Estates and Teal Lake Meadows area

-Shores of Elm Creek, Elm Creek Bluff, Elm Creek Estates and Valley Ridge areas

-Wellington Lane and Wedgewood Lane/Grove Drive  

For number of proposed properties assessed during the 2018 street rehabilitation program include 537 single family homes, 78 multifamily units and 25 commercial properties.  

The street rehabilitation tentative schedule for 2018, according to the city:

Feb. 5 – Receiving reports and hearing establishment

March 5 - Public and assessment hearing as well as authorize advertisement for bids and approve plans

April 5-9 - Receive bids  

April 16 - Award bids 

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