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Ice Accident, Muskrat Mischief, Scam: Maple Grove Police Department Incident Report

Jan 23, 2018 03:52PM ● By Wendy Erlien
The following synopsis of incidents occurred in Maple Grove Jan. 7-13, 2018, as provided by the Maple Grove Police Department.

Additional details for burglaries, robbery, arson, and theft can be found on the city website crime mapping section

January 7
17500 block of 96th Avenue. Report of vehicle left running outside of garage for several hours. Officer responded to find the vehicle unoccupied. Officers contacted owner who stated they had accidentally left it running when moving cars around in the driveway for guests to leave.

12500 block of Elm Creek Boulevard. Report of individual at place of business having difficulty standing.  Officer responded and found intoxicated party who was transported to by ambulance for further care.

9100 block of Hemlock Lane. Report of verbal argument. Officer responded and found male party had thrown mail at the female but nothing physical had occurred. They agreed to separate for the evening; no further assistance needed.

11900 block of 73rd Avenue. Report of possible counterfeit bill passed at place of business. Officer responded and determined the $100 bill was fake. Incident is under investigation.

January 8
89th Avenue and Elm Creek Boulevard. Officer on routine patrol observed vehicle driving erratically. Contact made and the driver, who was intoxicated and was arrested. 

14100 block of Territorial Road. Report of two generators stolen from job site. No suspect information.

8200 block of Walnut Grove Lane. Report of animal stuck in window well.  Officer responded and found a muskrat, which was removed and released into the nearby woods.

12100 block of Main Street. Report of bag containing iPhone and other items stolen from vehicle parked outside of business. Window was smashed to gain entry.

January 9
11300 block of 71st Place. Report of mail theft and subsequent check forgeries by the suspect. Incident under investigation.

9800 block of Maple Grove Parkway. Report of a fox hanging around daycare center. Officer responded, but was unable to locate the animal.

12100 block of 85th Avenue. Report of rock in park spray painted with graffiti, no suspects.

January 10
16300 block of 70th Avenue. Report of suspicious phone call where suspect asked for money due to individual’s relative being in jail. Officer confirmed it as a well-known scam.

9700 block of 86th Avenue. Report of supplies stolen from business warehouse, no suspect information.

7800 block of Vinewood Lane. Report of individual who fell in parking lot of business.  Officer responded and found victim did not require medical care but provided the individual a ride home.

January 11
12700 block of Elm Creek Boulevard. Report of license plate stolen from vehicle parked outside place of employment. No suspect information.

8200 block of Peony Lane. Report of individual in seizure. Officer responded and offered assistance, victim transported to hospital for further care.

11600 block of 72nd Avenue. Report of intoxicated roommate lying in person’s bedroom and unable to remove them. Officer responded and found the individual had apparently moved to the correct room by the time of their arrival; no further assistance needed.

January 12
7400 block of Peony Lane. Report of mail taken from mailbox. Individual found businesses had not received payments. No suspect information.

11500 block of 81st Place. Report of identity theft. Individual was denied credit card, but no further fraudulent activity was apparent. Report made for informational purposes.

13600 block of Grove Drive. Report of tires stolen from outside of business, no suspect information.

January 13
7200 block of Forestview Lane. Report of possible domestic occurring inside of room. Officer responded and found the individuals had left the building and no assistance was needed.

12900 block of Weaver Lake Road. Report of individual who had fallen on the ice. Officer responded and offered assistance until paramedics arrived to assess the victim who was taken care of by family member.

9400 block of Dunkirk Lane. Report of unruly group of people outside place of business. Officer responded and issued trespass notices and the individuals were released at the scene.

During this time period there were 46 property damage traffic accidents and seven property damage injury traffic accidents.

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