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Burglary, Highway Walker, Disputes: Maple Grove Police Incident Report

Feb 02, 2018 06:11AM ● By Wendy Erlien
 The following is a synopsis of some of the incidents that occurred in Maple Grove during the week of January 14- 20, 2018, as shared by the Maple Grove Police Department  

Additional details for burglaries, robbery, arson, and theft can be found on the city website crime mapping section

January 14
12000 block of 80th Avenue. Report of individual breathing and conscious, but weak and feeling ill. Officer responded and administered aid until paramedics arrived and transported victim to hospital. 

9300 block of Deerwood Lane. Report of possible fight. Officer responded and found an argument had ensued but nothing physical. One of the individuals left soon after and no further assistance needed.

January 15
12300 block of Main Street. Report of a fare dispute. Officer responded and found two individuals had a verbal disagreement, which they settled. No action by officer.

11900 block of 73rd Avenue. Report of car fire, upon officer’s arrival, the vehicle had been moved away from the pumps and the fire was extinguished.  

9400 block of Jewel Lane. Report of several tools stolen from vehicle parked inside of garage while owner was home; no suspect information.

January 16
8500 block of Jefferson Highway. Report of suspicious vehicle in parking lot.  Officer responded and found individual sleeping in driver’s seat. Person stated that they recently had been kicked out of the house and were staying in their vehicle. Individuals advised they were not allowed to sleep there, they left without incident.

9400 block of Dunkirk Lane. Report of traffic altercation. Officer responded and found individuals had confronted each other in parking lot. Individuals given warnings and left without further incident.

January 17
11200 block of 84th Place. Report of harassing, obscene text messages. Officer responded and left message for suspect to stop contact. No further assistance needed.

12700 block of 90th Place. Report of unwanted persons. Officer responded and found individual requesting assistance in getting their son’s friends to leave. The individuals left without further incident.

12300 block of Main Street. Report of theft from auto. Officer responded and found individual had returned and noticed driver’s door ajar and property strewn about interior, but nothing of value stolen. Incident under investigation.

January 18
I-94 Rest Area: Report of individual harassing truckers at rest area by trying to sell them audio equipment at a reduced price. Officer responded, obtained description, and advised.

80th Avenue and Wedgewood Lane. Officer on routine patrol observed equipment violations on vehicle.  Upon making contact, the driver found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia and an active warrant who was arrested.

12600 block of Arbor Lakes Parkway. Report of a possible domestic inside place of business.  Officer responded, found the couple having a conversation and denied any altercation.  There was no signs of distress, no assistance needed.

8000 block of Wedgewood Lane. Report of shoplifters who had fled the store. Officer responded and two suspects were arrested for theft and trespassed from the business.

January 19
Highway 610 and Highway 169. Report of one walking along the highway.  Officer made contact and found intoxicated female who was visibly upset due to an argument upon which she had exited a vehicle. The female was transported to a gas station, where a friend arrived to take her home.

12800 block of Bass Lake Road. Report of stolen backpack. Officer made contact and found individual had forgotten his bag on the trunk of vehicle parked outside of business. Upon his return, it was gone. No suspect information.

13900 block of Maple Knoll Way. Report of driver’s window of vehicle smashed and purse stolen. No suspect information.

11900 block of 64th Avenue. Report of missing packages that had been delivered. No suspect information.

12100 block of 87th Avenue. Report of animal stuck in window well. Officer responded and were to remove the muskrat and release it into the woods nearby.

Cardinal Circle and Robin Road. Report of suspicious activity at a home under construction.  Officer responded and found a contractor was inside using a flashlight to take measurements since the home did not have power.

January 20
I-94 and Maple Grove Parkway. Officer on routine patrol conducted traffic stop for speeding.  Upon contact with the driver, it was found that they were impaired and arrested for DWI.

450 block of Eagle Lake Drive. Report of window broken out on vehicle parked in driveway.  There was no apparent theft of items and other vehicles nearby were unharmed. No suspect information.

8700 block of Pineview Lane. Report of verbal domestic. Officer responded and found individual was under the influence and verbally abusive. Parties agreed to separate for the evening.

Brockton Lane and I-94. Report of traffic complaint where vehicle was swerving all over the roadway.  Officer made contact with the driver who was found to be intoxicated and arrested for DWI.

8600 block of Pineview Lane. Report of individual at place of business refusing to leave. Officer made contact and advised the person they were being trespassed. They left with a sober ride without further incident.

There were 44 property damage traffic accidents and six property damage injury traffic accidents.

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