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Maple Grove Lions Half-Marathon, 10K, and 5K Run/Walk to Help Support CrossOver Program

Apr 06, 2018 04:25AM ● By Wendy Erlien

Ellie Hoyt of Maple Grove (photo provided by Maple Grove Lions)

During the annual Maple Grove Lions Half-Marathon, 10K, and 5K Run/Walk fundraiser on Saturday, May 12 – the event will feature Ellie Hoyt of Maple Grove with a portion of the event proceeds donated toward the CrossOver program.  

Hoyt connected with local nonprofit CROSS Services as an intern while she was an Osseo Senior High senior. The CrossOver program was officially established in 2017 to help youth pursue their passion by providing opportunity, training, and equipment to participate in life enriching activities.  

“Because playing sports had provided such amazing opportunities for Ellie, including a college scholarship, she was in the process of creating a scholarship program called CrossOver – Making a Way for Kids to Play,” CROSS Services Executive Director Elizabeth Johnson said. “After talking with CROSS staff, they wanted to help launch this program under CROSS Services. So CROSS staff provided guidance to Ellie as she met with athletic directors at the high school, local sports associations, and enrichment programs to help CROSS determine how we could partner together to help more children in lower income families benefit from these programs.”

“The Lions are inviting everyone in the community to come out, meet Ellie, and support her to support the dreams of our future generations,” according to a press release from the Maple Grove Lions.  

For the first year, the CrossOver program goal is to provide supplemental scholarship support at least 25 youth to assist with offsetting enrichment program costs such as arts, dance, sports, and more.  
“After the first year, we will assess how many more we will be able to support,” Johnson said, who indicated the program is 100 percent community funded.  

“I have a passion for helping kids accomplish their dreams and make a better life for themselves.” Hoyt said, “I don’t want their financial situation or their parent’s situation to hinder their dreams.”  

The CrossOver program works in alignment with already existing enrichment programs at CROSS Services, some of which offer partial scholarship opportunities for youth. Parent interested in applying can contact CROSS at 425-1050 or email 

“A short application will be provided for the family to complete. Our first focus is to serve the families receiving food and/or housing support from CROSS,” Johnson said. “The benefits to helping children engage in extracurricular activities is far reaching…whether it be Girls Scouts or Boy Scouts or basketball or an art class, their vision of their future and of what is possible for them is broadened.”

For more information on the Maple Grove Lions Half-Marathon, 10K, and 5K Run/Walk fundraiser, click here.

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