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Jaimie Schmeling Edina Realty: Home Sellers Get Top Dollar By Doing Simple Tasks, Even If On A Budget (Sponsored)

Apr 29, 2018 06:57PM ● By Jaimie Schmeling

This is a townhome I listed that’s has been staged, professionally painted and decluttered.

We have all seen the HGTV shows where they spend a lot of money to overhaul a home to perfection with today’s styles. A homeowner doesn’t necessarily have to take down walls and spend a lot of money to update their home for resale. 

When the thought comes to mind for a homeowner to take the step of selling their home, there are easy things that they can start doing themselves to create inviting spaces in all parts of the property - without spending a lot of money. They are looking toward the future of their family and turn their focus to start saving for their next home. Focusing on some of the simplest tasks are key to getting more money. Most people have heard about the basics of getting a home ready for market:

  1. Take down all the family photos.

  2. Spruce up the yard and landscaping.

  3. Put on a fresh coat of paint on the front door, updating door hardware, lighting, and painting house numbers to match or if they are metal, shine them up.

  4. Clean out closets and purging clutter. 

    This is a beautiful listing I sold In Milaca, Minnesota, sharing an example of homes looking their best on the exterior when they have cleaned up yards and the landscaping is refreshed.

    One of the biggest ways to sell a home for top dollar is to do an intensive cleaning and decluttering. Rent a carpet cleaner or find a good referral for a company that does great work and cleans all of the carpets in the home. Do it before the house hits the market instead of after. Most buyers expect that a seller does the carpets before they turn the keys over to a buyer anyway, so why not use that to list the home.

If the carpets are badly distressed and not able to look good with a cleaning, replacing them beforehand is often going to bring a return on the investment, along with a fresh coat of neutral paint in areas that need updating or cleaning up of the walls. Flip or Flop’s Christina El Moussa uses Revere Pewter in most of her flips as she feels the color makes furniture look its best. Here is the article she is featured in as it is a great article on the Best Paint Colors to sell Your home by Kristin Williams

If your not replacing areas with carpet, luxury vinyl flooring has come a long way from the floors we remember from childhood and are a super alternative. New construction builders are putting these new amazing products into laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. It now comes in so many different looks, colors and textures, it is looked at in the industry as equal to tile flooring and it isn’t as cold on feet tile would be.

One very important feature of staging is decluttering and by no means should this detrimental step be left out! If a buyer cannot picture themselves in the space, the home won’t sell as quickly and for more money. I tell my sellers when I do the initial tour of the home to list it, is to take out half of the furniture pieces from each room. This sounds outrageous but it really works. If a seller has a family member or friend who has extra space in a garage for a few months, see if they would be willing to let you take the extra furniture there. If that’s not possible, renting a storage unit is something many sellers do. I always say, “Are you planning to move after selling?” and they say “Yes.” I then propose to think of it as moving some stuff out early since it is something they are going to do anyway.

This is a townhome I listed that’s has been staged, professionally painted and decluttered.

There are certain rooms in the home that are a must to stage to get top dollar so that the buyer comes along and feels the spaces and sees themselves living there. I am sharing a great resource, an article written by a storage company, Security Self Storage, by Norm Kotoch Jr, “5 Rooms to Focus on When Staging a Home to Sell” on what are the most important areas of a home to ready for market to get top dollar gives you excellent details as to what to focus on in those rooms:

  1. Living Room

  2. Bedrooms

  3. Kitchen and Dining Room

  4. Bathrooms

  5. Multi-Purpose Room

Once a seller takes many of these steps towards selling, it allows for them to get a lot more money from the first day a listing agent tours the home. 

A good listing agent has an eye for style, clustering furniture and what a seller can do to have plenty of extra dollars left from the sale to put towards their new home or they send over a stager to help with this. Some listing agents require a seller to pay stagers to bring furniture in to stage the home and sometimes that is best, but most often there is a way to avoid that.

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