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Lightning Strike, Stalled Elevator, Building fire: MGFD May Incident Report

Jun 18, 2018 07:10AM ● By Wendy Erlien

Maple Grove Fire Department (photo by Wendy Erlien)

The following is a synopsis of incidents responded to by the Maple Grove Fire Department for May 2018. 

May 1

8600 block of 48th Ave North. New Hope building fire.

9700 block of Troy Lane North. Gas leak.

9900 block of Yorktown Lane North. Unauthorized burning. 

6700 block of East Fish Lake Road. Unauthorized burning.

May 2

7400 block of Vinewood Lane North. Strange odor/smell.

May 4

11800 block of Fountains Way. Removal of victim from stalled elevator. Person stuck between floors due to power outage.

6400 block of Sycamore Court North. Overheated motor.

11300 block of Fountains Drive North. Grass fire. Small mulch fire in parking lot south of building.

7700 block of Narcissus Lane North. Unauthorized burning - no permit.

May 5

9100 block of Hemlock Lane North. Unauthorized burning - no permit.

10600 block of Wellington Lane North. Unauthorized burning.

8400 block of Forestview Lane North. Building fire - with sprinkler activation. Called to a water flow alarm, upgraded call to structure fire upon hearing smoke coming out of front door.  On arrival, the fire had been extinguished by the sprinkler system. Shut off water to sprinkler system, put wedges in sprinkler head and turned water back on.

May 7

11200 block of 98th Place North. Unauthorized burning - no permit.

May 8

6200 block of Yucca Lane North. Strange odor/smell.

May 11

17200 block of 63rd Place North. Carbon monoxide incident.

May 12

7400 block of Berkshire Way North. Unauthorized burning.

May 15

County Road North 81 and Zachary Lane. Passenger vehicle fire. Called to car fire. Upon arriving car was fully involved which started a small grass fire.  Both car and grass fire were put out.

9930 65th Avenue North. Building fire. Small garage fire.

May 17

69th Avenue North and Magda Drive. Brush or brush-and-grass mixture fire.

6800 block of Magda Drive. Grass fire.

May 18

7700 block of Main Street North. Cooking fire, confined to container.

May 20

9500 block of Upland Lane North. Strange odor/smell.

May 25 

4900 block of Peony Lane North, Plymouth. Building fire. 

11200 block of 93rd Avenue North. Passenger vehicle fire.

6400 block of Welcome Avenue North, Brooklyn Park. Building fire.

May 26

10200 block of 93rd Avenue North. Unauthorized burning - no permit.

89th Avenue North and Zachary Lane North. Outside equipment fire. Called to electric pole burning.  Upon arriving found small flame on wire as well as grass transformer flashed.  Applied water to grass to put out small fire.

12900 block of Weaver Lake Road North. Chemical spill or leak.

May 27 

2500 block of Medicine Lake Boulevard. Building fire.

12900 block of 63rd Avenue North. Burnt food. 

May 28  

18700 block of 63rd Avenue North. Building fire. Owner called 911 after home struck by lightning, smell of smoke in house.  Upper roof peak had burn mark. Two outlets tripped, and bathroom light fuse burnt. Ceiling in bedroom and bathroom overhauled. Active flame found above bathroom fixture/ceiling. Water extinguisher used, confirmed no other hot spots.  

May 29

8200 block of Deerwood Lane North. Dumpster or other outside trash receptacle fire. 

May 31

18800 block of 67th Avenue North. Lock-in. Two girls were locked in the bathroom at Gleason Fields. Police tried to open door and broke handle off door. E51 responded and used halligan to pop door.



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