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Early Fireworks, Turtle and the Egg: MGPD Incident Report

Jul 01, 2018 06:36PM ● By Doug Erlien

Maple Grove Police (photo by Maple Grove Voice)

A synopsis of some of the incidents responded to by the Maple Grove Police Department during the week of June 17-24, 2018.

June 17
12100 block of Elm Creek Blvd. Witness reported seeing suspect take numerous things from store without paying; officers contacted suspect, who was trespassed from store; no charges. 

17500 block of 96th Ave. Friend of resident broke down front door to gain entrance; no charges but wanted repairs to door paid for by the friend. 

6600 block of Timber Crest Drive. Party who no longer lives at residence showed up and would not leave; officers made contact and party left. 

7000 block of Hemlock Lane. Report party dropped wallet in parking lot and later found it behind a building with cash and card missing. No suspects. 

June 18
7600 block of Fish Lake Road. Report of a white bottle on the road smoking; traffic diverted around object until the fire department identified the liquid inside, which was acid and cleaned it up. 

Norwood & Oakview. Report of injured turtle in road; turtle's shell was cracked and an egg was next to the turtle; turtle and egg went to rehab center. 

12000 block of Elm Creek Blvd. Report of person approaching customers for money; party was located and trespassed from the property

10000 block of Eagle Lake Blvd. Report of tailgate and taillights stolen from vehicle over night; no suspects. 

12800 block of Elm Creek Blvd. Report of vehicle parked in parking lot, keyed; officer observed 12 inch long curved scratch; no suspects. 

June 19
11000 block of 93rd Avenue. Report of party using profanity and disturbing other customers in store; officers arrived, party had left. Party will be trespassed on next contact. 

11000 block of 73rd Ave. Report of party filling car with gas and driving off without paying; officers located vehicle and cited party for theft. 

6000 block of Quinwood Lane. Report of two parties sleeping in storage unit in the complex; officer found parties and trespassed them from the property. 

12000 block of Elm Creek Blvd. Report of two parties selecting several items and running out of business without paying; suspects were not located

June 20
13000 block of Bass Lake Road. Report of suspicious person inside business. Upon review of video, person went into a locker and stole a wallet. Case under investigation. 

13000 block of 80th Circle. Disgruntled customer destroyed several display stands and contents on the stands. Case under investigation. 

June 21
7000 block of Main Street. Officers arrived for an alarm at a business and found glass door broken, several items taken. Case under investigation. 

12000 block of Elm Creek Blvd. Report of stolen credit card used at several businesses in Maple Grove. Case under investigation. 

9500 block of Upland Lane. Report of party walking inside of business with a knife. Officers made contact with party who was carrying what looked like a butterfly knife and was told to put it away while inside the business. 

14000 block of 68th Place. Report of someone opening credit card accounts in reporting party's name. Case under investigation. 

9000 block of Dunkirk Lane. Report of person inside business who appeared drunk; officers made contact with person, who was taken to detox. 

June 22
13000 block of Grove Drive. Report of vehicle parked in business parking lot that had two windows broken out; case under investigation. 

6700 block of East Fish Lake Road. Report of newly poured cement and damaged by rocks and steel rods; no suspects. 

9200 block of Zanzibar Lane. Report of bike taken out of underground garage; case under investigation. 

11000 block of Fountains Way. Report of party trying to cash forged check. Officers made contact, parties arrested for forgery and drugs. 

11000 block of Fountains Drive. Party concealed items in shopping bag, went to store counter, made a return and was given store credit. Once owners realized, police was arrested for theft by swindle. 

June 23
7000 block of Terraceview Lane. Report of a patio glass door broken overnight. Officers observed a landscaping rock near the door. No suspects. 

12000 block of 73rd Ave. Several mailboxes damaged in area. No suspects at this time. 

9200 block of Chesshire Lane. Mower stolen out of open garage. No suspects. 

I-94 & Weaver Lane Road. Report of vehicle weaving in and out of lanes; officer located vehicle, observed traffic violations, party arrested for DWI. 

June 24
Dunkirk & Weaver Lane Road. Party following a vehicle that was hitting the curb and signs. Officers located vehicle and party was arrested for DWI. 

6500 block of Balsam Lane. Report of several fireworks shot off in the area. Officers located residence of violation. Verbal warning given. 

12000 block of Main Street. Report of two parties sitting on the ledge of the top level-parking ramp. Officers made contact, parties viewing the scenery and were warned to no longer sit on the ledge. 

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