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Lightning Strikes, Ring Removal, Gas Leaks: MGFD August Incident Report

Sep 07, 2018 02:46PM ● By Wendy Erlien

Maple Grove Fire Department (photo by Wendy Erlien)

A synopsis of incidents responded to by the Maple Grove Fire Department for August 2018.

August 2
  • 10900 block of Fox Hollow Circle ,Champlin. Building fire.
  • 7800 block of Main Street North. Cooking fire, confined to container.
August 3
  • 7800 block of Olive Lane North. Lightning strike (no fire). Neighbor thought her house was hit by lightning, breaker in master bedroom tripped.  Inspected attic through scuttle, no issues found.  While investigating at 7865 Olive Lane North resident thought his house got hit by lightning after finding shingles in his yard.  Inspected his attic through scuttle and found two holes in the roof on the alpha/delta side.  No smoke or fire.  No further action.
  • 8200 block of Cottonwood Lane North. Lightning strike (no fire). Called to a lightning strike at 8280 Cottonwood Lane North.  Upon arrival found lightning had struck the peak of the house where one of the vents had been. Checked attic and only found a television cable melted and a hole where the vent should have been, and three fuses popped in the electrical panel. Patched hole in roof with plastic and instructed them to call their insurance company. Cleared scene.
  • 7300 block of Kirkwood Court North. Lightning strike (no fire). Firefighter checked building, silenced alarm with alarm company representative present.  Turned building over to alarm representative.
  • 11700 block of Gentilly Road North. Building fire. Found fire in fireplace, lightning strike had hit a tree in the front yard.  Unable to shut gas off individually to fireplace, MGFD shut off main gas line and the fire was extinguished.  Ventilation started but CO levels remained. CenterPoint arrived and checked CO levels and cleared fire department.  CenterPoint checking foundation and individual gas lines.  Homeowner’s son at home and remained with CenterPoint.
  • 8000 block of Orchid Lane North. Building fire. Called for house fire, lightning struck house, working fire in attic.   
August 4
  • 93rd Avenue North and Xenium Lane North. Gas leak.
August 5
  • 9700 block of Vagabond Lane North. Odor/smell of gas.
August 7
  • 9500 block of Revere Lane North. Strange odor/smell.
August 8
  • Lawndale Lane North and 74th Avenue. Extrication of victim(s) from vehicle. Call for extrication needed.  Upon arrival, MGPD and North Ambulance on scene of two car crash.  A black SUV struck the driver side of a small car, the driver of the car was pinned.  The vehicle had major driver side damage and the driver’s legs were pinned under the steering column.  Driver alert, bleeding from head.  MGPD and North in car managing patient.  Extrication attempted by pulling steering column with no success, and the SUV in crash was pushed back. Patient extricated thru back passenger door.  Patient transported to North Memorial.  MGFD assisted MGPD with scene cleanup.
  • Maple Grove Parkway and westbound I-94. Extrication of victim(s) from vehicle. Two vehicle accident.  One female trapped but uninjured.  Eventually able to open driver door without tools. No oil or gas leaks, just a little anti-freeze.
August 11
  • 13400 block of Maple Knoll Way. Ring or jewelry removal. Reporting party had ring stuck on finger.  Removed ring with ring cutter.
  • 12800 block of 82nd Place North. Passenger vehicle fire. Arrived on scene of a car fully involved.   Extinguished the fire.   
August 12
  • 16700 block of 94th Avenue North. Water or steam leak.
August 13
  • 12900 block of 82nd Avenue North. Gas leak.
August 14
  • 15400 block of 70th Avenue North. Burnt food.
August 17
  • 8500 block of Xenium Lane North. Building fire.
  • 16600 block of 92nd Avenue North. Removal of victim(s) from stalled elevator. A resident was stuck between the second and third floors.  The elevator was lowered down slowly after manual lowering valve found in the basement elevator control room.  The malfunction was most likely caused by a power outage in the area.  We advised property management to contact the elevator maintenance company to check the elevator mechanics. 
August 20
  • 9200 block of Queensland Lane North. Burnt food.
  • 9600 block of Zircon Lane North. Burnt food.
August 21
  • 9200 block of Zanzibar Lane North. Burnt food.
August 23
  • 17500 block of 96th Avenue North. Burnt food.
  • 17000 block of 72nd Place North. Lightning strike (no fire). 
August 24
  • 8500 block of Kirkwood Lane North. Building fire. Called for a lightning strike and upgraded to a house fire.
  • 13700 block of 94th Avenue North.  Lightning strike (no fire). 
  • 8400 Yucca Lane North. Odor/smell of gas.
August 25
  • County Road 81 and Hemlock Lane. Gasoline or other flammable liquid spill.
  • 6700 Kingsview Lane Norh. Unauthorized burning - no permit.
August 26
  • East Fish Lake Road and Weaver Lake Road. Motor vehicle accident with injuries.
August 30
  • East Fish Lake Road and Sycamore Lane. Unauthorized burning.
  • 6800 block of East Fish Lake Road. Unauthorized burning.
August 31
  • 13300 block of Maple Knoll Way. Gasoline or other flammable liquid spill.
  • 187700 block of 65th Place North. Lightning strike (no fire).
  • 8800 block of 42nd Avenue North, New Hope. Building fire.
  • 2300 block of Brookview Drive, Brooklyn Park. Building fire.

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