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Accident, Stalled Elevator, Burnt Food: MGFD September Incident Report

Oct 09, 2018 05:25AM ● By Wendy Erlien

Maple Grove Fire Department (photo by Wendy Erlien)

For the month of September, the Maple Grove Fire Department responded to 71 incident reports. Here's a synopsis of incidents responded to by the Maple Grove Fire Department for September 2018.

Sept. 2
Weaver Lake Road and Dunkirk Lane. Motor vehicle accident with injury. Maple Grove Fire Department requested by police department for possible fire at car accident, no fire found.  Secure area until patient was loaded in ambulance.  

Sept. 8 
7400 block of Vinewood Court North. Person in distress. Reporting party had headache and dizzy.  Checked home, no CO found.  CenterPoint was on the way to check for CO also.  North ambulance was on scene when fire arrived.

Sept. 9
9600 block of Winslow Chase. Burnt food, fire ventilated and cleared.

Sept. 11
9200 block of Elm Creek Boulevard. Person in distress. Responded to scene and found person laying in parking lot.  Assessed and found party was fine. 

Sept. 16 
9400 block of Dunkirk Lane North. Grass fire. Mulch on fire in parking lot.  Crew extinguished fire with brooms, shovel, and water. Bushes burned, no other damage.

93rd Avenue North and Dunkirk Lane North. Vehicle accident, general cleanup. Police department requested fire to wash down/contain fluids leaking from two vehicles involved in an accident. 

 Sept. 17

 9200 block of Harbor Lane North. Assist police or other governmental agency. Welfare check. 

Sept. 20
16500 92nd Avenue North. Removal of victim(s) from stalled elevator. Person stuck at first floor in an elevator due to power outage.  Lowered elevator to basement level and opened door.

Sept. 21 

12100 block of Elm Creek Boulevard. Outside equipment fire. Arrived to find a small fire in the electric box in the median of the parking lot, used a fire extinguisher to put out.  Security came and we shut down the power to the electrical box in the median.

Sept. 25
Eastbound I-94 and Weaver Lake Road North. Passenger vehicle fire. Four-door Camry engine compartment fire.  Arrived to engine fire showing.  Extinguished and cleared.

Sept. 26
Highway 610 and Revere Lane North. Passenger vehicle fire. Responded to a car fire in Maple Grove.  Maple Grove and Brooklyn Park extinguished car fire. 

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