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Vehicle Fires, Carbon Monoxide Incident, Burnt Food: MGFD February Incident Report

Mar 20, 2019 07:52PM ● By Wendy Erlien

(photo by Maple Grove Voice)

For the month of February 2019, the Maple Grove Fire Department responded to 82 incidents. Here's a synopsis of some of those incidents. 

February 1
9100 block of Larkspur Glade. Carbon monoxide incident.

February 2
13900 block of 102nd Avenue North. Water or steam leak.

February 3
17500 block of 69th Place North. Water or steam leak.

February 5
12900 block of 63rd Avenue North. Burnt food. Front desk attendant informed fire department that one of the apartments had burnt food, also silenced the alarm.  Opened windows and verified haze cleared.  

February 6
11500 block of 95th Avenue North. Passenger vehicle fire. Arrived to find engine compartment fully engulfed, with a vehicle parked next to car.  Extinguished fire.

Troy Lane North and 89th Avenue North. Assist police or other governmental agency. 

February 8
15300 block of 64th Place North. Overheated motor.
1100 block of Harbor Lane North. Plymouth building fire.
11900 block of Central Park Way North. Strange odor/smell.

February 9
Eastbound I-94 and Maple Grove Parkway Vehicle accident, general cleanup. 

February 10 
14000 block of 85th Place North. Passenger vehicle fire. Car fire reported at end of driveway, fully engulfed.  Owner reports she was stuck in snow and was trying to break free.  Saw rear tire smoking and tossed snow on it to cool down.  20-30 minutes later neighbor reported active car fire and called 911. 
7300 block of Rosewood Lane North. Passenger vehicle fire. Owner was charging battery, took charger off and started vehicle to snow blow driveway.  Vehicle stalled, owner got out.  Started snow blower and saw flames coming from hood.   

February 11
Hemlock Lane North and Main Street North. Passenger vehicle fire. On arrival found car fire.  No one was outside and were unable to find any occupants of car.  Crew extinguished the fire and cleared.

February 12
17900 block of 69th Place North. Carbon monoxide incident. Vehicle left running in garage, causing carbon monoxide detector alarms to go off, called 911. Checked house with for gas and aired out the house. 

12100 block of 62nd Avenue North. Gas leak.

February 13
11800 block of 80th Avenue North. Strange odor/smell.
Highway 610 and Maple Grove Parkway. Passenger vehicle fire. Arrived to a vehicle fully engulfed.  Extinguished car fire.

February 15 
Arbor Lake Parkway and Hemlock Lane. Vehicle accident, general clean up

February 24
9800 block of 98th Place North. Outside equipment fire.

February 25
13900 block of Grove Drive. Passenger vehicle fire.

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