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Building Fire, Stalled Elevator, Animal Rescue: MGFD May Incident Report

Jun 09, 2019 05:04AM

Maple Grove Fire Department (photo by Wendy Erlien)

For the month of May 2019, the Maple Grove Fire Department responded to 80 incidents. Here's a synopsis of some of those incidents.

May 3

11100 block of Fountains Drive North. Special outside fire. Charcoal grill emptied onto grass after two days, was still hot.  Owner used garden hose to put fire out.

6200 block of Magda Drive. Grass fire.

18100 block of 84th Avenue North. Outside equipment fire. Gas tank on grill was venting and on fire.  Extinguished with dry chemical extinguisher.

May 4

14400 block of  Weaver Lake Road North. Excessive heat, scorch burns with no ignition.

11800 block of Fountains Way. Burnt food.

May 5

9500 block of Zachary Lane North. Assist police or other governmental agency.

17700 block of 96th Ave North. Gasoline or other flammable liquid spill. Car was leaking gas, there was a puncture in gas tank.  

16500 block of 92nd Ave North. Burnt food.

9500 block of Zachary La North. Assist police or other governmental agency.

May 7

18200 block of 77th Place North. Burnt food.

May 8

8000 block of Shadyview Lane North. Outside equipment fire.

6600 block of Urbandale Lane North. Dumpster or other outside trash receptacle fire.

May 9

16500 block of 92nd Avenue North. Removal of victim(s) from stalled elevator. Two people were stuck in elevator between first floor and basement.  Lowered to basement level and freed occupants.

May 10

15400 block of Bass Lake Road. Authorized controlled burning.

Vicksburg Lane North & Nottingham. Authorized controlled burning.

May 11

6800 block of Nottingham Parkway. Authorized controlled burning.

16100 block of 70th Avenue North. Authorized controlled burning.

7000 block of Hemlock Lane North. Burnt food.

May 13

16900 block of 73rd Place North. Vehicle accident, general cleanup. Driver’s car accelerated unexpectedly when pulling into the driveway.  Vehicle ran through the garage door and side, front wall of garage after hitting a second vehicle in garage.  MGPD called for assistance to assess structural integrity of garage and house.

Ranchview Lane North and Weaver Lake Road. Vehicle accident, general cleanup.

16500 block of 92nd Avenue North. Removal of victim(s) from stalled elevator. Two people stuck in an elevator.  Lowered elevator to basement level, opened doors, let them out and contacted the elevator company.  Put one of the two elevators out of service until elevator repair shows up.

15200 block of 67th Avenue North. Odor /Smell of Gas

May 14

15400 block of Bass Lake Road. Confined space rescue. Called to assist MGPD at Basswood Elementary.  Student became upset, climbed file cabinet, entered area above ceiling tile and then made her way into the cold air return duct work.  Upon arrival, could hear student moving in duct work.  Engine 22 firefighter entered duct work and was able to find and rescue student.  North was on scene to evaluate student.

17500 block of Weaver Lake Drive North. Electrical wiring/equipment problem.

13500 block of Timber Crest Drive North. Odor /Smell of Gas.

10000 block of 104th Avenue North. Unauthorized burning - no permit.

11800 block of Fountains Way. Building fire.

May 15

8400 block of Upland Lane North. Burnt food.

May 17

6400 block of Berkshire Lane North. Off-road vehicle or heavy equipment fire. On arrival found bobcat with fire involved from engine and cab compartments.  Vehicle was parked about eight feet from corner of homeowners garage front, next to driveway. Driveway was full of other vehicles.  Heat from the fire was melting vinyl siding of both residences. Engine 11 crew used a cross-lay with foam to extinguish the fire in the bobcat. Tower 11 crew checked both structures to make sure fire had not spread to them, which it had not. Radiant heat had melted vinyl siding on two homes. Once fire was out, notified Investigations and cleared.

7000 block of Hemlock Lane North. Burnt food.

16800 block of 73rd Place North. Strange odor/smell.

May 19

8400 block of Underwood Lane North. Water or steam leak.

May 21

13900 block of Maple Knoll Way. Burnt Food

12200 block of Elm Creek Boulevard. Bomb scare - no bomb. Juveniles left suitcase inside of restaurant. Manager became suspicious and took suitcase outside, then called 911. Fire on standby until cleared by Minneapolis Bomb Squad.

7800 block of Main Street North. Gas leak (natural gas or LPG).

May 22

11800 block of 88th Avenue North. Unauthorized burning - no permit.

6500 block of Merrimac Lane North. Animal rescue. Owner's cat was missing and was possibly in a wall. Arrived to find renovation being done in residence. The cat was found in the utility opening for the bathtub in the third floor bathroom. Fire cleared.

May 26

10100 block of 99th Avenue North. Building fire.

May 27

18400 block of Gladstone Boulevard. Gasoline or other flammable liquid spill.

15300 block of 75th Avenue North. Electrical wiring/equipment problem.

May 30

Maple Grove Parkway and westbound I-94. Vehicle accident, general cleanup.

May 31

16700 block of 96th Avenue North. Gas leak (natural gas or LPG).

9500 block of  Zachary Lane North. Assist police or other governmental agency.

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