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The Importance of Sports Protective Eyewear, Sunglasses for Kids (Sponsored)

Jun 27, 2019 09:46PM ● By Donna Hawley

Maple Grove Pearle Vision / Maple Grove Eye Doctors (photo by Maple Grove Voice)

The following post was written, provided, and sponsored by Maple Grove Eye Doctors at Pearle Vision / Maple Grove Pearle Vision 

Whether kids wear glasses or not, when they play sports like baseball, soccer, golf,  they do need to wear protective eyewear to protect their eyes and the area around their eyes, such as the orbital bone.

If a child has a correction and  wears glasses they need special sports glasses with their prescription in them. They should not just wear their prescription glasses, which may cause more harm in the event that they are hit with a ball.  Any sport in which balls, rackets or flying objects are present pose a potential for eye injury.  Being hit with a soccer ball or a baseball can injure the eye.

A child should never play hockey without wearing a face mask. Hockey pucks are very dense and hard, and when one hits an eye at high speed, it can cause vision loss and even total blindness.

Children should start to wear sunglasses as early as possible — to get used to wearing them and also to protect their eyes from glare and UV damage, especially for blue eyed children who are more sensitive to sunlight.

Kids should wear quality sunglasses purchased from a reputable optical store for three reasons: they’re more likely to be more comfortable and to keep them on looking thru a quality lens, the UV protection is guaranteed, the frame will be fit to their face and be more comfortable.

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