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Maple Grove Residents Receive Recognition At Minnesota State Fair 2019

Sep 01, 2019 09:58PM ● By Wendy Erlien

Minnesota State Fair (file photo provided by Minnesota State Fair)

During the 2019 Minnesota State Fair, many Maple Grove residents placed in a variety of competitions. 

Listed below are some of the community members receiving recognition during the annual event as of Sept. 1, according to the Minnesota State Fair website.  

Creative Activities

2nd Wayne Estenson  - Beet, pickles 

2nd Philip Hage - Dark maple syrup/robust flavor - maple syrup 

2nd Sally Wightkin - Afghan, crocheted infant and toddler garments 

3rd Wayne Estenson - Barbecue sauce (no spaghetti sauces) traditional style

3rd Rose Tonn - Cucumber relish, relishes/sauces 

3rd Robert Munson - Free hand painting on other material 

4th Eric Moore  - Other furniture, large piece - wood construction 

4th Annette Gustafson  - Cookies & Bars - Dark, rolled flat, no frosting

Julie Fletcher 

  • 2nd Needlewoven beadwork, 3-D object - decorative crafts
  • 3rd Bead assemblage/embroidery - decorative crafts 
  • 3rd Bead assemblage on thread or wire, one or two strands - decorative crafts

3rd Sally Wightkin - Handmade books - decorative crafts 


1st Elizabeth Kro - Shawl, fine weight yarn, 25 in. and over - Hand Knitted Articles  

Karen Allen

  • 1st Blackwork - Embroidery and Crewel
  • 3rd Sampler, cross stitch, backstitch only, framed - Counted Cross Stitch 

Cindi Olson

  • 5th Pieced; machine quilted by entrant - Large Bed Quilt
  • 2nd Commemorative quilt, pieced, appliquéd or mixed - Large Bed Quilt
  • 4th Mittens (includes fingerless gloves), texture - Hand Knitted Articles 
  • 5th Adult sweater, limited use, texture cardigan - Hand Knitted Articles

2nd Sally Wightkin - Braided, under 3 ft – Rugs

1st Barb Williamson - Locker hooked rug – rugs

Irina Kireeva

  • 1st Shawl or stole, not rectangle, two or more colors - Crocheted Articles
  • 1st Shell, sleeveless vest - Crocheted Articles
  • 3rd Sweater, pullover, adult - Crocheted Articles
  • 4th Lap robe - Crocheted Articles

5th Burton Haigh - Piece, over 30 in. but under 72 in. perimeter – Hardanger

Creative Activities – Work of Senior Citizens

2nd Joanne Arntson - Stained glass, under 1 ft. – handcrafts

3rd Robert Munson - Folk painting on wood – handcrafts

Knitted baby bonnet – Needlecrafts

  • 2nd Mary Keal  
  • 3rd Robin Dalsanto  

Fine Arts

Photography - 5th Sharon Allen Maple Grove "History Shared" (Digital Print) 

Honey & Bee

Light amber honey - Liquid (Extracted) Honey

2nd Paul Vandergon

Dark natural beeswax block - Natural Beeswax Block

3rd Paul Vandergon

Crop Art & Scarecrow

Elizabeth Butler placed in several crop art categories:
  • Artistic, natural colors, amateur - Crop Art
  • Artistic, dyed or painted, amateur
  • Artistic, irregular forms, amateur
  • Artistic, flat surface arrangements, amateur
  • Special occasion, amateur
  • Wearable crop art, amateur
  • Premier Crop Art Exhibitor 


Laura Wuertz

  • 2nd Potatoes (Atlantic, white)
  • 2nd Potatoes (Ranger, russets)
  • 2nd Potatoes (Bannock, russets)
  • 2nd Potatoes (Any other white)
  • 2nd Potatoes (Vikings, reds)
  • 2nd Potatoes (Pontiac, reds)
  • 2nd Potatoes (LaSoda, reds) 
  • 3rd Potatoes (Superior, white)
  • 3rd Potatoes (Yukon Gold, white)
  • 3rd Potatoes (Norland, reds)
  • 3rd Gourds (Vegetables, group 1)
  • 4th Potatoes (Norkota, russets) 


The following youth placed in a variety of categories.      

Individual Exhibits, Grades K-3

  • Ava Sheng - Meadow Ridge Elementary School   
  • Samuel Yin -  Meadow Ridge Elementary  
  • Sophia Jin - North Woods Elementary School   
  • Emma Qiu - Meadow Ridge Elementary  
  • Elizabeth Wu - Ave Maria Academy
  • Zhifang Ming - Meadow Ridge Elementary
  • Grace Wei - Meadow Ridge
  • Lanxin Ming - Meadow Ridge Elementary
  • Chris Xiong - Meadow Ridge Elementary School   
  • Sophia Liu - Basswood Elementary School
  • Andrew Zhang - Meadow Ridge Elementary School
  • Zhifang Ming - Meadow Ridge Elementary
  • Michael Zhou - Meadow Ridge Elementary School
  • Tony Cheng - Meadow Ridge Elementary
  • Maya Suresh - Parnassus Preparatory
  • Ethan Zou - Meadow Ridge Elementary
  • Aaron Shao - Wayzata Meadow Ridge Elementary
  • Tianyi Ren - Meadow Ridge Elementary
  • Ivan Lin - Basswood Elementary
  • Kevin Ye - Meadow Ridge Elementary School
  • Ivan Lin - Basswood Elementary
  • William Ye - Meadow Ridge Elementary School
  • Aaron Shao - Meadow Ridge Elementary
  • Mia Padjen - Basswood Elementary 

Individual Exhibits, Grades 4-6

  • Anjali Suresh - Parnasssus Preparatory
  • Sarah Hong - Meadow Ridge Elementary School
  • Allison Zhang - Meadow Ridge Elementary School
  • Anjali Suresh -  Parnasssus Preparatory
  • Doris Xiong - Meadow Ridge Elementary School   
  • Joy Zhou - Meadow Ridge Elementary School
  • Aaron Zou - Meadow Ridge Elementary
  • Rachel Yin - Meadow Ridge Elementary
  • Selina Wang - Meadow Ridge Elementary
  • Jessica Faller - Meadow Ridge Elementary
  • Johnny Wang - Wayzata Central Middle School
  • Janie Ye - Wayzata Central Middle School 

Individual Exhibits, Grades 7-9

  • Danni Ashpole - Maple Grove Junior High
  • Julia Zhang - Wayzata Central Middle School
  • Sarah Feng - Breck School
  • Evelyn West - Parnassus Preparatory Charter School
  • Milo Sims - Osseo High School
  • Haley Beck - Home School 

Individual Exhibits, Grades 10-12

  • Alena Ang - Maple Grove Senior High
  • Jason Lin - Maple Grove Senior High          

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